International Space-Time Research Experiment

Scientists have reason to celebrate! On Thursday they announced to the world that, for the first time observed gravitational waves. International research including France, Poland, United States, Italy, Germany, U.K. That in September by Earth passed the wrinkles of space-time, trace of the cosmic disaster.The results of the experiment was announced at conferences held in parallel in the United States and Italy. Its organized in Warsaw Poland Academy of Sciences. In the study were researchers from a dozen countries. Then the researchers associated with the experiment by U.S. LIGO detectors and Virgo in Italy-including more than 1300 people.

14 September 2015 two American detectors LIGO Observatory 3 (one in Washington, d.c., the other in Louisiana) have registered almost simultaneously the signal wave from colliding black holes. The first on-line registration gravity signal on Earth, “said Andrzej Krolak of the Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences and the National Center for nuclear research. Prof. Królak is the leader of the Polish group of scientists involved in this project.

This is what researchers observed, this evidence of cosmic disaster. That there were two black holes. One weighing 29 solar masses, and the other with a mass of 36 solar masses. These black hole fused into a black hole with a mass of 62 solar masses. The other 3 masses were radiated as gravitational waves. And the signal was observed on the ground “said Prof. Królak. He pointed out that although the same collision of black holes has lasted less than a twinkling eye and there was more than 1 billion years ago, it was really powerful. The speed at which black holes have reached just before the collision is half the speed of light (150 000 km/sec.). From the gravitational wave disaster space traveled at the speed of light through the universe and just last year she reached the ground.

Signal, which we have registered lasted just 0.12 seconds, but was extremely clear and agree very well with the models laid down by Einstein’s general theory of relativity, said Prof. Królak. He added that the existence of gravitational waves predicted by Einstein general theory of relativity. So far only found indirect evidence that gravitational waves exist and that Einstein and at this point in his famous theory was right.

We have two in one. Even the direct detection of gravitational waves is fundamental. But in addition we have also discovered a double layout black holes which had never before been observed commented Królak. He added that this probably does not generate or light or radio waves, only the gravitational wave.

ESA Measuring spacetime curvature
Photo: ESA

Opens before us a new field of astronomy gravitational waves. We are at a watershed moment. Drew the attention of the researcher. He explained that further research into the gravitational waves perhaps will shed light on what’s happening beyond the horizon of events in black holes and make suggestions on what might be occurring in a black hole singularity. It’s fascinating for physicists, which does not yet have a clear answer.

American listeners which detected “wrinkles” in space-time this monumental laser interferometers. Their tunnels have an L shape, and each of their shoulders after 4 km in length. Inside these arms runs the laser light. In simple terms it’s about checking with extreme precision (up to thousandths the diameter of a Proton), or the length of one arm installation varies in relation to the length of the second arm. It might seem that the results will always be the same. And it turns out that they do not. Passing through the Earth gravitational wave which is hard to catch, because at the moment all the deformed spacetime around us, you may give away just by the results of the measurements in interferometer.  It was observed on September 14.

Gravitational Wave causes some abnormal curvature of space-time

This causes the optical path in two arms are a little different. Because when space-time is changing-light can travel in one arm a little longer, and the second-a bit less-told Andrzej Krolak.

The problem is not only that these signals with the appropriate precision register, but also bring out the noise. This useful data analysis methods-including statistical methods, which worked with Prof. Królak.

The American LIGO interferometers work-hand in hand-with a little less Virgo Interferometer in Italy (his arms have a length of 3 km). Virgo but not observed gravitational waves in September. Work resumes at the end of this year. Operation of the devices will give greater opportunities to study gravitational waves-m.in. more accurately determine from which place of signals in space.

That Virgo is not registered for the event, however, does not recognize gravitational waves splendor researchers who have worked in this project. Also the Poles, who have worked within the framework of the Polgraw band Virgo. A long time ago teams from Europe and America to work together, that the research check out together-regardless of which interferometer will be discovered.

-Poles in this project not only wore the Bill, but played a major role-commented MR. Vice President Prof. Paul Caistor. As mentioned, the tasks in the project was the analysis of the data obtained from the American LIGO detectors, an astrophysical sources of gravitational waves research, building models of gravitational wave signals and participation in the development of the Virgo detector.