International Space Elevator Project Becomes
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International Space Elevator Project becomes a reality

The rapid development of commercial space industries very us all happy, because it means that plans to return to the Moon, the first manned flight to Mars or Venus, will soon become a reality.

Engineers mainly focus on improving, thanks to which you will be able to take the necessary equipment on the Earth’s orbit. Several companies, however, has a slightly different plan for implementing such projects.

International Space Elevator Project becomes a reality

They think seriously about space elevators, which not only will accelerate taking out various installation on orbit, but above all extremely cut the costs of such activities.

A few days ago in the Munich competition took place the European Space Elevator Challenge (EUSPEC), where you can see vehicles that can climb the rope.

The competition was attended by 11 academic teams from Germany, Japan, India, and Estonia. Vehicles entering tested on 100-foot tape hanging from floating in the air balloon.

In the future, when you manage to master the technology of weaving fibers made of carbon nanotubes, manage to build a rope capable of maintaining your weight and lifted.

So far, such technologies seem just the song far into the future.

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