Interesting tests results on flying car. 320 km/h and 800 km

The American aviation authority authorized test flights for car-helicopter project: the U.S. company, Terrafugia’s engineers send her flying car TF-X in the air for the first time. Flying over traffic jams like Jetsons is right on the corner.

The world moves a little closer the flying car. Because the FAA Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted a special permit to Terrafugia. Allows to start up from Massachusetts, distinguish the flying car TF-X for test flights.

Interesting tests results on flying car
On the ground, the TF-X with an electric motor to drive. In the air, an internal combustion engine will then take over. Photo: Terrafugia, TF-X

There are however strict. The engineers must send only a model on a scale of 1:10 in the air, which must be no longer than 60 cm and not more than 25 kg. Also there must be no more than 150 km/h and fly no higher than 120 m. Despite these limitations, the special permission for Terrafugia is a success. Because many companies bite out their teeth at the FAA. The on-line retailer Amazon, for example, had to Dodge for flight testing with its delivery drones to Australia.

Series production starts in eight years at the earliest

Terrafugia is currently building a model of the TF-X, which is to be ready for the next few months. While this seems start-up MIT students former. In eight to twelve years the series production of the flying car could start according to Terrafugia.

Flight car TF-X launches vertically like a helicopter

If at some point even the legislation, people can move around like never before. This shows an image video of company. In a garage door opens and the TF-X rolls out – seems like a normal E-car. But it is not the four-seater. Because button unfold two wings with two propellers, which can be vertically lifted the car like a helicopter.

Interesting tests results on flying car
Preparation for flight mode: the wings unfold, then the TF-X like a helicopter rises vertically into the air. Long runways are thus superfluous. Photo: Terrafugia

In the air, the rotors fold forward, an internal combustion engine then accelerated the flying car to a top speed of 320 km/h. The maximum range should be at 800 km.

And how to fly the TF-X? Moreover, the company reveals little. Only so much: Fly learning should take less time compared to conventional aircraft. Because, among other things, an autonomous flight mode is planned.