Interactive French factories to visit in this summer

cadINcadOUT select for you the industrial sites that you can discover during the summer time. What plants visit if you are vacationing in France? Factory or site of the confectionery of the Vosges mountains. Find all the details on our interactive France map.

For this fourth episode, the writing has selected for you industrial sites that you can visit in France. Venue Friday 22 July for the last episode of the series with the Centre, Poitou-Charente, Limousin and Aquitaine.

PSA Mulhouse

On reservation at the 0625496411 or by mail [email protected]

Caution, check the limit age when booking.
Next visits on 19, 23, 24 and 30 August.
Confectionery of the hautes-Vosges
44 Habaurupt, Plainfaing 88230
Blénod thermal generation
On reservation at the or by mail [email protected]
RN 57, 54701 Mousson
Champagne Taittinger
9 rue Saint-Nicaise, 51100 Reims
Confectionery Abhyankar
On reservation at the
ZI de Cantimpré, 59400 Cambrai

ARC International
On reservation at the
132 avenue du Général de Gaulle, 62510 Arques

Nails Ramkumar
On reservation at the
6 plants, 60100 Creil rue

The Air and Space Museum
Booking on the website.
Next visit on 21 July.

Next visit on 8 September.
368 rue de Meaux, 93410 Vaujours
Extension of line 12
Next visits on 25 July and 13 September.
RER A track renewal
Booking on the website.
Next visits on 5 and 8 August.
Nestle of Noisiel chocolate factory
Booking on the website.
Next visits 2 and 28 August.
7 boulevard Pierre Carle, 77186 Noisiel

Paris – Orly airport
Compulsory booking on the website.
Next visit on 17 August