Intelligent way to control devices (Editor Tips)

With the app “Reality Editor” can freely combine controllable everyday objects and their functions and programming. The Smartphone is the virtual control center. The app is there already for download, so far but hardly practical applicable.

Valentin Heun gets up from his chair and leaves his Office. He is hardly through the door, turns off as if by magic light the desk at his workplace. The camera follows the researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of technology media laboratory (MIT Media Lab) on the way through the Office building to the exit.

REALITY EDITOR from Fluid Interfaces on Vimeo.

Its probably tempered car waiting outside the door: as the audience learns that the air conditioning made already for the perfect feel-good climate for the ride home. Heun as in the movie on presents, allowing an app called “Reality Editor”, the he and his team from the “fluid interface group” of the Media Lab helped to develop.

Without any cloud chair and lamp. Intelligent way to control house devices

Using this app, Heun has its intelligent, equipped with sensors office chair with the smart desk lamp and his car linked, one could also say: the things around him around closing time programmed. He leaves his seat, the lights go out and the air conditioning in the car gets the signal to ‘Go’.

The controllable everyday objects and equipment in the world of Heun and his team communicate with each other through common interfaces in your standard network. Via reality Editor, the user connects virtual devices and functions. While the solution needs not even a central cloud, the equipment and everyday objects like this works usually with solutions in the so-called “Internet of things (IoT)” link. All data about interfaces, connections and functions are stored in the object.

Virtual center

The user sets the Smartphone camera on a so-called “intelligent” or “smart” object that was equipped with a type QR-code called “FingerPrint”. The reality editor receives the network address of the device, reads out the functions from the code and translates it into a graphical user interface. That work with augmented reality technology. The touch screen of your Smartphone now becomes the control centre: devices and functions can with the stroke of a finger be with each other.

Intelligent way to control devices

The app is for iPhone and the application possibilities are iPad already available, due to a lack of things that actually already addressed can, however very limited. The researchers have but an open source project called “hybrid objects” called for developers in the life.