Intelligent life-form built from scratch in the laboratory

The body is genetically re-coded (GRO, which is an acronym for genetically re-coded organism) such as known is a brand new life, scientists from the University of Washington. It is to be a kind of “super-life” built from scratch in the laboratory.

The whole earthly life rests on the principles of nitrogen-adenine, cytosine, guanine and tymine (in DNA, RNA tymin is replaced by uracil), which are designated by the letters A, C, G and T encode genetic information. The language of genetics is the same regardless of whether we are looking at a cell of an elephant or a bacteria.

Although the versatility of this language has a lot of advantages, it brings it some serious cons such as susceptibility to pathogens, viruses that take over, as it were, the cells of their victims and use their natural mechanisms for replication. GRO, to be built on the basis of the bacteria, a problem this will solve, because using a completely different, new genetic language they will be completely resistant to the virus.

And this is not their only advantage-researchers will be able to use them to create not occurring in nature, amino acids, and therefore these organisms will be able to have different “unnatural” properties, and in addition, you can construct so that to life require one some unnatural compounds, so they will not have the slightest chance of survival in the wild, without access to these compounds, to which we will be able to sleep without fear of it that they get out of control.

Now researchers have managed to “liberate” in coli bacteria some codons, and this is just the first step toward the GRO now you will need these codons used to create new genetic language. This is the project for years, but it carries the potential to stand at the core of the next techno revolution (bio) logical.