Siemens intelligent solutions in Polish cities (Katowice, Gliwice, Bytom)

The main area of operations is located in Katowice,  transmission and distribution of energy, and a variety of industrial sectors will be completely reorganized by Siemens. We also going to optimize intelligent transport systems and increase the energy efficiency of buildings. Important is also health sector, said Peter Baudrexl, Siemens CEO

Siemens builds his Office in Katowice. What industries will handle? Katowice Office is the same, the complete structure as all other Siemens offices in Poland looks exactly like another over the world. The main area of activity of the company is the production, transmission and distribution of energy.

The main field of our activity is industry. Intelligent cities in Poland will be build over the time.

The third is bound with the cities and their administration. We design for example traffic management systems, we are by public transport, energy efficiency of buildings.

Siemens is Building Intelligent Cities in Poland
Intelligent Cities in Poland are focus on energy and citizen time saving. Contract with Siemens will optimize Gliwice, Katowice and Bytom.

An important part of our business is also the health care sphere. We are one of the largest companies that provide medical centers, technological solutions, apparatus for diagnosis, in vitro diagnostic devices for Imaging.

Where Siemens see largest growth potential?

I think that in the, we have great opportunities for advancement. Why? Among other things, because it is an area very much in Italy; and as I said earlier-the industry is one of the main areas of our business. Is a region very attractive in terms of infrastructure. Because our ideas we can offer not only the Katowice, Gliwice or Bytom, but also to cities associated with them. Under these conditions, well the complexity of our solutions.

Of course the health is also a very important area.

Today, it is very important for anyone who is thinking about his future and development. Growing importance of intelligent transport systems, smart cities. What here Solutions offers to Siemens?

Intelligent city is a very broad term. What’s the core of this idea? In this, that the people lived simply better. And you need to make life better? Better communication, better transport, cleaner air, cleaner water, getting smarter systems.