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Intel is working on health care robot

Intel Labs China signed a contract with Meridian Medical Network, a Chinese manufacturer of medical software. Field studies will be carried out under the prototype home robot for healthcare.

The prototype is equipped with a natural interfaces, sensors, mobile, autonomous navigation, your location, and emergency care. The field tests of the prototype home care robot to accelerate innovation in the sector of health management. Both sides will be testing in a controlled environment in order to further improve its interaction with people and the level of interactivity.

Implemented by Intel and Meridian Medical Network project is a response to a global problem of aging societies, and therefore increasing the role of home care for the elderly. Data published by the National Bureau of Statistics showed that by the end of 2014 in China lived 212 million people over 60 year old, they represented 15.5% of the general population of the country. With the aging population on the importance of gaining the lack of staff in the social welfare and health sector. Robots like this one designed by Intel and Meridian could take over part of the tasks related to the care and treatment of the elderly.

Aging brings with it the need for innovation in the area of health care development and the creation of robotic solutions, aimed at relieving medical personnel. The trend of taking over part of the responsibility in the health sector by the machine is a natural step, observed in many areas of life. The test of the prototype of the home-health robot care, is a step towards to the passive health monitoring for proactive management of health-care services. The aim of this action is to solve the underlying social problems caused by the aging population” said Xu Jingjing, Director of the International Advisory Group of the Executive Committee of the China Development Bank.

By signing the agreement on carrying out field research, Intel and Meridian have made a breakthrough in the field of home health care. Under the agreement, Intel Labs in China will be responsible for developing several prototypes of robots and for support in terms of equipment and software. It is the responsibility of the Meridian will include collecting and analyzing data, supplying relevant applications and services to users in the course of field research. The company will also improve the functionality of the device based on the opinions of the users themselves.

A prototype robot home health care has a number of Intel’s technology, including Intel, to the interaction technologies smart RealSense line man-computer and navigation technology. In addition, the robot was equipped with an Intel Core processor, Intel Edison and set of tools for developers of Intel WebRTC. The solutions used in the prototype:

Natural human interaction with a robot-made possible by voice recognition function. A prototype robot can every day to talk with the user, to check his health. Two screens allow you to medical communication tips and health consultation.

Sensors and control a robot-control sensors and analysis features of the environment that the robot can move to location of the user-made possible by Intel ® RealSense ™. Cameras with built-in 3D prototype robot is able to move before you deploy health management programs and record habits of the elderly. The cameras also enable you to communicate with experts and doctors providing remote consultation.

First aid-when the robot will record the user’s health parameters or indicators of the environment, such as temperature or humidity, as deviant, the prototype will call the emergency services.