Instant water purification (SLAC National Laboratory)

Great news for all those who do not have access to fresh drinking water (as well as for lovers of survival) in the SLAC National Laboratory¬†(Stanford, USA) created just the device that is the size of a postage stamp and under the influence of the Sun’s rays can purify water from bacteria in just 20 minutes.

When a water bottle to the Sun it is subjected to the action of UV rays and these represent only 4% of all light, so its treatment in this way is very time consuming.

It runs generally in a very simple way-the layer of molybdenum-disulphide in thickness just a few atoms under the influence of light very actively lost electrons, and these in conjunction with the thin copper and protected response, which produces hydrogen peroxide, an antibacterial which aqueous solution we know perfectly with our homes in the form of hydrogen peroxide.

The process used is the entire spectrum of visible light, so more than half of the energy from the Sun so the whole process is much more efficient. During the tests, the device was able to clean up the contaminated water bacteria 25 very (their concentration exceed 1000000 per milliliter) killing up to 99.99% of them.

For now, the problem with the new device is that it works only on the bacteria and this is not all, and it is therefore necessary to broaden the range of its action before it hits it.