Instant Water Heater Provides Hot Water on Time

A new fast water heating system promises to save energy and time in the houses, in cafes and in the industry. The water heaters take time to bring the water to the desired temperature, which is usually bypassed, so inefficient, using deposits to keep the hot water until it is needed-is the solution often used, for example, in espresso machines.

A project funded by the European Union is promising “instant hot water”.

“The RapidHeat project has optimized heating and control technologies to develop a small heater small volumes and light that offers full output at the desired temperature in two seconds,” said Peter Duncan, Coordinator of the project.

Hot water in household appliances and showers

How to discharge the water tank and pre-heating systems, the device was very compact, which allows its installation in small appliances. The technology is ready for commercialization and should be initially focused on vending machines, espresso and white appliances.

But the engineers are already an eye also on a way to replace electric showers and central heating systems of residential water, which normally run the gas and waste large amounts of water until the water reaches the hot shower.

“There are a large number of applications that the team simply did not anticipate at the beginning of this project,” said Duncan. “We’re still discussing how we’re going to take advantage of these opportunities and now we are looking for partners interested in developing even more equipment and integrate the technology in applications requiring instant hot water.”