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Innovative Ways Businesses Are Using Tablets

Tablets are a common item used by consumers, but did you know that they’re also hugely popular in the business world? In fact, many companies, including the smallest businesses, are incorporating the use of tablet technology into their everyday business processes. Continue reading to learn about just a few of the many innovative ways that companies are using tablets today.

Regular Cash Registers

If you want to replace your large, traditional cash register at your place of business, whether you operate a small shop or you own a restaurant, you can easily do so with a tablet.

To enclose your EPOS, you can simply invest in iPad kiosk stands that are modern and sleek. This will allow you to easily take orders and present your customer with a modern and versatile POS system which is both secure and user friendly. Tablet enclosures enable future MPOS and EPOS to be integrated within the enclosure, ensuring that your business is keeping up with technology.

Digital Signage and Promotions

Digital signage is hugely popular and really important when it comes to promoting a business’s products and/or services. A restaurant, for example, can have digital signage set up to display the latest specials, or a retail establishment can use digital signage to promote specific products that are on sale for a limited time. With tablets, businesses can create promotional materials that are eye-catching, modern, engaging, and attractive.

The latest way to use tablets for digital signage, however, is to interact with customers. So rather than using the device to display the same video or presentation over and over again, you can use it to allow customers to fill out surveys, enter contests, submit their email addresses, and more.

Mobile Cash Registers

To make sales on the go, it doesn’t get any easier than bringing your tablet with you, along with the right POS system that will allow you to efficiently collect important customer information and receive payments via credit card.

After all, you certainly can’t bring your clunky cash register along with you on a business trip, to a meeting, or to a promotional event like a trade show, but you can certainly bring your tablet. This allows customers to place orders with greater ease and pay right on the spot, and it allows you to make a sale right away.

Restaurant Orders and Wait Lists

Restaurants are using tablets in several ways to make the customer experience more enjoyable. For example, some restaurant owners are placing tablets on their tables so customers no longer have to sit around for a waiter or waitress. Instead, they can place their orders on their own and even pay when they’re done.

Other restaurants, however, are also using tablets to replace paper lists for waiting lists. When customers are waiting for a table, they can now be notified via text message when a table is ready for them. This also makes it easier for hosts to locate tables and match those tables with waiting customers.

There are already so many innovative ways to use a tablet in your business today. It’s clear that tablet technology will continue to evolve and give business owners increasing amounts of freedom in the future.