Inline Skaters Electric Bike

It’s especially fun to fly with the Inline Skaters Electric Bike FlyRad through the city. It sits in a saddle, has liner on the feet, and an electric motor to the hand that makes a fix to sweep through the area. Inventor Thomas toured rank now television, to bring his fun device on the man.

If you can see the FlyRad for the first time, you don’t know what it is. Maybe an Einkaufstrolley with electric drive? But what then of the saddle? And the handlebars? Yes, the FlyRad is a means of transport.

Inline Skaters Electric Bike_
Up to 40 km/h the FlyRad can drive fast, as here at the skate hokey field.

Strictly speaking a unicycle with an electric motor. But since it is designed so that you can sit as on a unicycle on top of it, you need still dancing on the feet. However the FlyRad of medical technician and premises rank from Franconia is Thomas a genuine Streaker. We would say a fun. And the driving experience is reminiscent of flying, rank says. Hence the name. FlyRad.

Inline Skaters Electric Bike is a combination of unicycle and inline skates

The ride starts with skates on his feet and the FlyRad between the legs. On the steering wheel, brake and throttle, like on a moped are located. Actually, you ride standing up, or better yet in a Crouch. If necessary but also a saddle from the crossbar can be pulled and already you can sit. And, although the FlyRad is a unicycle and missing front, under the handlebars, the actually necessary front wheel.

And still you not front flips over, because rank has mounted two padded surfaces below the handlebar, push against the thigh and knee. And now come the inliner in the game. Because record the force – this is the combination vehicle from bicycles and inline skates.

However the FlyRad is not easy. The Fahrmobil weighs 21.5 kg including battery. It reaches between 15 and 40 km/h at the top, depending on the setting. A 500-Watt DC wheel scar motor ensures the drive. The 48V 10Ah lithium battery promises a range of 38 km. Within two to four hours the battery is recharged. Who’s urgent, can replace the battery thanks to a battery quick change system.

You can pull and push

Although the FlyRad can be used as sports equipment, with which you can move in various positions, which can be fun. Overall, the invention allows eight different holding positions can be changed also during the trip. You can position the FlyRad ahead and use as tractor. You can ride standing, in a Crouch, sitting, can let himself slide.

You can also retreat from the FlyRad.
You can also retreat from the FlyRad.

The first FlyRad has built already 2011 rank, since 19 handmade FlyRäder have found their lovers. Currently, you have to spend €1475 for a copy.

Although the device addresses primarily inline skaters, who can try out some pieces of art thanks to the electric drive. Rank hopes, however, that the FlyRad is also interesting for people which want to move with an eco-friendly driving device. And who is not afraid to tackle exchange a pair of shoes, who can skate with the FlyRad also to the workplace.

Inline Skaters Electric Bike To stimulate sales, rank and his wife have already introduced the FlyRad Thomas in the starting-up show “The lion’s den” on Vox. There but without success. Now, rank is further looking for investors. Rank wants to expand the sales with an investment of €50,000 for 15% of the company’s shares.

However, rank is not the only one who relies on an electrically powered unicycle. A Canadian engineer had a similar idea – except that you can sit on his unicycle and needs no inline. But so should make it less fun.

Inline Skaters Electric Bike
The medical technician and swimming Thomas rank has developed the FlyRad francs. It has an electrically powered wheel, a saddle and handlebars. The front wheel is replaced with inline skates.