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Industry 4.0 Interview with an Expert from Zulke Engineering, Dr Mortiz Gomm

Everything speaks of industry 4.0 and embedded systems. Machines talk to each other, and on the Tablet machine data engineers can retrieve. But what is it specifically? We have the industry 4.0 specialists Dr. Moritz Gomm of the engineering company Zühlke Engineering asked.

Moritz Gomm
An app makes an expert with 25 years of experience from a 17-year old apprentice: Dr. Moritz Gomm is Internet-4.0 expert at Zühlke Engineering. Photo: Zablan

When opened with the Embedded World in Nuremberg on Tuesday, then the industry discusses the latest trends and opportunities embedded system. But what got the company specifically? Yes, the production will be transparent, flexible, quick, convenient, individual. May it be a bit more concrete?

Mr. Dr. Gomm, you will inform on the Embedded World on the possibilities of the industry 4.0. But isn’t it because there’s a vast experience and knowledge in Germany? The people know very well their machines, they hear when a defect is announced, they know what to do if something gets stuck.

Gomm: that’s right. In the operation of machines, there is still very much hand work. The people know very well their machine. You can see on the noise that soon a defect occurs or fails the machine.

Why you want to replace it?

Gomm: this experience and knowledge can be secure and use much more by digitization. If the machine is networked and all data flow together, also a digital expert system detect early errors and defects.

It always means that networking makes more efficient processes. Do you have a concrete example?

Gomm: we have networked the loaders and cranes of a construction machinery manufacturer. In the event of malfunction, the engineers even before traveling to the site can check the error and have therefore the right parts and electronics. Partly, the error can be solved even online.

And this is how much more efficient in numbers?

Gomm: the number of field service operations has dropped by one-third. And the stakes are much shorter.

Why are the stakes shorter?

Gomm: used to have the technicians before they are flown, only with the machine operators can call. There they could narrow the error though. But what is really defective, was not clear.Now can they get online an accurate picture, have the really right components and need not as in the past to sit at the construction site, until the replacement arrives. This saves time and money.

There are now apps, support technicians to work more efficiently with the use. How can you imagine that?

Gomm: We have developed an app together with KSB pumps manufacturer, can close out the noise of a pump, if it runs correctly or has a defect.

Mechanic can do it. You keep a screwdriver to pump and ear, and listen very carefully how the pump.

(with a wink)… but the app we make out of a 17-year old apprentice an expert with 25 years of experience.

Also called AR goggles that display additional information in the field of view, offer new opportunities in the service. But what’s wrong with a technician of?

Gomm: When repairing a machine, the technician on the spot in case of a problem can call his colleagues at the company headquarters to help. You can via the built in camera and the Internet connection see the same as the technician on site and provide direct assistance.

Important topic on the Embedded World is also the increasing networking of cars. But what’s wrong with one of them, not just sitting in a car?

Gomm: Let’s imagine, that networked cars in the future if the wipers are switched on and at what pace they work? You had a precise map almost on the meter with the built-in GPS instantly where it rains in Germany and where not.