Industrial IoT Europe: how manufacturers increase effectiveness

Large companies specializing in the manufacture, the use of data is intended first to improve their efficiency at all levels. Today, industrial IoT is an indispensable tool for traditional market players.

The industrial IoT optimizes energy efficiency to save money and have a larger budget for equipment or for lower prices. There are many ways to control, monitor, secure and store what it happening in a factory. In the industry, the IoT now operates at the level of surveillance, the supply chain, the carriage of goods and in many other areas. Here is a summary of the areas in which data collected by the IoT are used, and how they are respectively being implemented.

Control, monitoring, efficiency energy, saving time and speed

Inteva Products is a global manufacturer of automotive parts weighing several billion dollars. She wants to improve its products and banish inefficiency in the manufacture. The company has experienced to surround himself with Sight Machine, a young company based in San Francisco, enabling companies to better deal with their data.

In every part of the plant, Sight Machine sets up cameras, sensors and find a way to extract the data, in real-time, all devices connected to the Internet directly related to HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. Then, the startup software takes over. It couple data from cameras, which provide information on the speed of the movements of employees, with the rest to understand when and why production is lagging. According to Jon Sobek, CEO of Sight Machine and veteran of Tesla and Yahoo, “people who manufacture cars, shoes and medicine want to know what is wrong in their operation. Our software can tell them.

Sight Machine IOT-mikrokontroler
Sight Machine IOT-mikrokontroler

Inteva Products has tested the ability of Sight Machine to identify ways to reduce the amount of waste from the production line. According to the CEO of the company, it was a success. The Sight Machine solution costs between 50,000 and 100,000 dollars to put in place, in addition to monthly subscription fee. To justify that price, companies must achieve great savings, this is valid for all IoT solutions.