Incredible Hearing Sensors In All Spiders

Incredible hearing sensors in all spiders

How is possible that spiders can hear a needle drop in next room? Super hearing was not one of the skills that Peter Parker has acquired after being bitten by the irradiated spider, but it turns out that comics and movies require adjustments-these arthropods have, in fact, very good (of course, relative to its size) hearing, especially if we take into account that they do not have drums.

Although until now it was thought that spiders can hear up to a few inches, the researchers from Cornell University saw the last, that they are able to record sounds from much greater distances-even more than three meters.

This is unusual, because they do not have a of drums, but they use for this purpose are placed on your body sensory, and considering that other spiders have identical should also so good to hear. Hearing spiders is, of course, to increase the chance of survival, they are able to hear the flapping wings of predators.

Interestingly, the discovery has managed to make quite accidentally-scientists focused on study of “brains” (in quotes, because it basically is a much simpler sets of neurons) spiders in the family “Salticidae”, and when accidentally in the other end of the laboratory chair, it turned out that cells in the test case activate instantly.

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