Increasing Plant Growth by Extracting Pure CO2

CO2 filtered out from the air to boost vegetable production in greenhouses in the Switzerland. 20% more yield promise to the gardeners by the fact that they do not introduce pure carbon dioxide in the air of the greenhouses. The CO2 filter system of the startups Climeworks is the first plant world which commercially uses CO2 out of the air.

So far there are a few pilot plants only worldwide, which can filter out carbon dioxide from the air, for example, in Canada, the United States and in Dresden. In Saxony, pure carbon produced from CO2 that is filtered out of the air, which is further processed into fuels.

Increasing Plant Growth by Extracting Pure CO2
Climeworks: Start-Up from the ETH Zurich, wants to provide a GreenHouse complex for the future with pure CO2. The carbon-dioxide is filtered out directly from the air. The vegetable growth faster by 20% increased by the addition of CO2 into the air removed from another area.

Now, Switzerland the first commercial plant to arise in which, as the Zurich company of Climeworks announced on Wednesday. Climeworks, a spin-off of the ETH Zurich, has developed the filtering technology used in the pilot plant in Dresden, Germany. In Hinwil, Climeworks is to build a plant, gaining 900 tonnes of CO2 per year from the air. Mid 2016 the system should go.

CO2 in greenhouses is used for growth promotion

Climeworks provides the carbon dioxide at the Gebrüder Meier Primanatura AG, a Swiss company that operates in greater style greenhouses, where especially tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce are grown. By the addition of gaseous CO2 in greenhouses, the company promises additional growth of plants by about 20%.

Climeworks wants to with the first commercial system “the cost of operating such a industrial plant determine” so spokesman Martin Jendrischik to “Basically it’s so still no CO2 filter system on a decent scale was built, which ran longer than a few weeks. Accordingly the statements per tonne of CO2 varies from less than 50 to $600. The practice will show which is really realistic.”

The Climeworks method works with low temperatures

Climeworks has developed a process in which CO2 directly from the air will be filtered out. The CO2 at the surface of the filter accumulates during filtering. This is saturated, the CO2 at a temperature of 100 ° C is solved. As a result, high-purity carbon dioxide is released. Advantage of technology is that 90% of the energy demand can come from low-temperature heat. The rest is required as power for pumping stations and control operations at the plant.

The filter itself can be reused immediately. To ensure a continuous process, Climeworks works with 18 panels for an annual production of 900 tonnes of CO2. 6 collectors are installed in three standard containers. A fourth, the process engineering and control are fitted in the stands under these three containers.

GreenHouse will pump the pure CO2

The CO2 extracted from the collectors is 99% pure.

The carbon dioxide used in the greenhouses of the Gebrüder Meier to keep the CO2 content of the air in the greenhouses at a uniformly high level. The Federal Office for energy of Switzerland supported the project.

Filtering of CO2 being studied by German companies

Also German companies engaged in the filtering of CO2 out of the air for years. These include Leverkusen, Evonik, BASF, RWE and the RWTH Aachen Bayer. The Bayer laboratories obtained carbon dioxide from 2012 kilo base. It’s the chemical companies, above all to use the extracted CO2 in the production of plastics, while often being targeted on the fuel production in other countries.