Incoming Chinese quantum satellite (entanglement experiment)

As early as next month, the Chinese can make a great step toward quantum computers or Internet Quantum. Launched the world’s first satellite, on whose Board are to be carried out quantum experiments for advance computing.

The first satellite of the series (eventually network) will be launched in August with the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center with cost about 100 million dollars per mission. Chinese support will be Austria Science Center. On board this satellite is a crystal that generates a pair of entangled quantum Photons, which share a common entity regardless of sharing them.

Quantum entanglement network information exchange

One of the photons has then to be sent to Beijing, and again to Vienna. With the help of these tangled photons, the researchers then try to send an encrypted information, and if it succeeds it will orbit more satellites, eventually to be at least twenty of them. This will create a global network of exchange information using quantum entanglement.

And if this art of science will be successful this will follow them all over the world, because having a method completely secure communications China will simply lead on communication worldwide.