in 2015 Japanese consumers spend over 1,650,000,000 on 4K TV

The pace with which the Japanese are buying televisions UHD 4 k, is quite impressive. In 2015 the country sold 1.17 million Ultra HD units and it is expected that at the end of the current year in Japanese households would be 3.3 million units of televisions UHD.

According to forecasts, Mitsubishi Research, a significant increase in sales will occur in 2017 (6.8 million units of televisions 4k).

In 2018, the number of televisions UHD in Japanese households has a reach of more than 12 million units. In 2020 Japan will host the Olympic Games in Tokyo. This is what the upcoming Olympics are one of the major growth factors 4k tv sales.

Studies show that in 2019 in households in Japan will be nearly 19 million units of televisions UHD, and by 2020-26.3 million. Then sales will continue to accelerate until HDTVs completely disappear from the market. In 2021 year in Japan will be 33.6 million units of televisions UHD, 2022 will haveĀ  40.2 million units respectively.

With average value of $1,5k per unit in 2015 Japanese consumer spend over 1,650,000,000 on 4K TV.