IKEA is making lovely bicycles (Sladda)

Now comes Sladda. In the IKEA furniture store bikes are rare, however Swedish manufacture decide that city bike is what family need. Sladda would be a new shelf, nobody would probably raise the eyebrows. But a bicycle?

Suitable for transport sice August 2016 in IKEA offers worldwide. Sladda first own bike as to help family in weekend struggles with borring hours and shopping fever. No catcher, simple but functional. And above all: this is maintenance-free bike.

IKEA is making bicycles15,000 kilometers without workshop visit

Sladda comes rolled in a light gray unisex frame made of aluminium for 26 and 28-inch wheels. The IKEA wheel was designed by the Swedish Design Studio Veryday working among others for the sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg automotive. The Sladda stands out especially by simplicity and by its drive technology.

IKEA making bicycles
Especially with the trailer and the flat carrier front, the IKEA-wheel Sladda is fairly well suited to the family everyday madness. Photo: Inter IKEA systems

IKEA waived the usual bike chain at the Sladda and opts for a belt drive. This completely without oil and is completely silent and virtually maintenance-free. IKEA promises that Sladda 15,000 km can – run thus without visit workshop.

Automatic gear changes and interesting transmission.

Sladda cyclists to cycle and do not concern themselves with drive – or even switching technology. Therefore, IKEA the bike has hub from SRAM equipped with an Automatix. The Automatixnabe has no shift lever, because depending on changes of speed between the two available translations. This automatic switching system is virtually maintenance-free and is subject to no noticeable wear. The braking technology mounted on the Sladda is a mixture of innovation and Convention: a mechanical disc brake is used on the front wheel, rear wheel is blocked by resignation.

Car as a status symbol has served

With the Sladda IKEA responds hardly more trend to ignore one above all among young people: tend to be served from the car as a status symbol. In the foreground is the mobility. And since the bike in the urban future is definitely at the first position. Long time ago, IKEA is not just a furniture and home decorating.

The Swedish company researched also the living and life in the future and developed appropriate projects. These are developed for example in design sponsored by IKEA and experience lab Space10 based in Copenhagen tested.

Sladda is very suitable for family use

There’s little wonder that Sladda is particularly suitable for family equipped. A luggage carrier Edition with side supports for panniers is attached to the rear. In addition, a special click coupling for a trailer also available is located at rear. However, IKEA does not gets stuck here in the own Cosmos, but are open for third parties that offer accessories such as trailer for bicycles. “Sladda is like a tablet with apps,” promises designer Oskar Juhlin. “You can add endless accessories, to adapt it to your needs.” Front Sladda has a flat basket with wood for the smaller everyday errands.

IKEA would be not the impossible furniture from Sweden if it sounds not a neat surprise could be the price of the Sladda: the wheel will cost €699. For owners of the IKEA family card, it will be cheaper to have much. This heavily wooed customer group pays for the Sladda just 499 euros. This is a real fight price, who will arrange for fear and terror in the bicycle industry.