Ultralight Laptops LG For Field Work

IFA 2016: Ultralight laptops LG for field work

If you need a lightweight laptop, and just do not have the desire to buy MacBook Air, you should check the LG I play. Is a series of ultrabooks, that weigh less than 1 kg.

Ultrabooks LG Play were first shown at CES 2016, but Europeans admire them but now in Berlin. They are available for sale, but not on the old continent, because as you know, the Korean giant does not lead here the distribution of mobile computing.

Where to get Ultralight LG

There is not likely to expect them in EU, but if you want one of the models I play, soon you will be able to go to Spain. There will be laptops available.

How is it possible that the LG managed to achieve such a remarkable mass of laptop? All thanks to an unconventional covers of this carbon alloy, lithium and magnesium. It is not known, however, as with the strength of these materials, but the manufacturer ensures that the series play is one of the strongest in its class.

Prices start at $ 1100 LG for ultra-books.