Icewind 1000W windturbine review

A wind generator called Icewind, developed by an Icelandic young company is quiet, extremely robust and bird-friendly. With the services of maximum 1000 Watt is the wind turbine for small consumers.

Early December swept an also for Icelandic conditions exceptionally violent storm over the island. Although the roofs are especially protected because such vagaries of weather in the North Atlantic is not seltensind, some have been demolished. Conventional wind generators would have to be decommissioned, eventually they would be destroyed even.

The mills specially designed for rough conditions the young Icelandic company Icewind, however, dutifully did their duty. They are designed for wind speeds that no competing product can withstand. While they still diligently produce electricity.

Best materials used on Icewind 1000W windturbine are good enough.

The wind generator is rotating around a vertical axis, much like the AirEnergy3D and the Dutch Builder Liam F1. It has a decisive advantage. The IceWind system turns any fast so that she is in danger to be destroyed.

Icewind 1000W windturbine review
Looks like a piece of art. Icewind plant is vertical and has twisted rotor blades. As materials are a mixture of carbon fibre reinforced plastic is used in aircraft construction. Stainless steel and particularly resistant aluminium. Photo: Icewind

At a certain speed, the wind turbine will be slowed by the wind. Up to a well 200 km/h bother him. Contributes not only the design but also the material used. It is a mixture of carbon fibre reinforced plastic, stainless steel, and especially solid aluminum as it is used in aircraft construction.

The power production starts at a wind speed of seven kilometers per hour. The nominal power reaches the Windmill at less than 40 km/h per hour.

Icewind 1000W windturbine sales begin in early 2016.

The company offers its mill in three different levels: 300, 600 and 1000 watts. She can be on rooftops and towers about from mobile radio station secure. With less than 35 decibels, it runs almost silently. For birds, it poses no danger. The of the wind emerging from the blades blows they in a way away before they come close to the generator.

Icewind 1000W windturbine review -1
The IceWind system can be also attached to the mast. Photo: IceWind

Currently, the company tested several prototypes in different locations on the island. The first will be sold in the first quarter of 2016. Sowing Thor Asgeirsson, founder and head of the company, not only the native island, but all countries, where strong winds are common, North Europe and certain regions of the United States has in its sights. There, Asgeirsson has already found a partner. He has not betrayed yet how much she will cost.