Patent to Cure Traumatic Stress Side-Effects with BrainWeaves

The U.S. Navy wants to treat post-traumatic stress disorder of their active soldiers combat with slight power surges in the brain. A corresponding unit of the Israeli medical technology company Brainsway has just ordered the army. The treatment technology should act against depression, tinnitus, and alcohol addiction.


Pizza Delivery Revolution by Domino

Annoying when warm pizza arrives at the front door? Domino’s wants to please┬ácustomers and as no-longer expected: the American pizza Chef makes his delivery vehicles to work as oven on wheels. So simple and way more tasty. Now you have your pizza out from oven and directly at frontdoors.


Windows 10 sales

Is 10 complicity because of the new Windows operating system, that sales of computer is dropped in the 3rd quarter? Windows 10 runs is pretty fast on old machines. That could slow the desire to buy new ones.

Business Engineering

VW manager Horn entangled before the US Congress for contradictions

Texas has announced a lawsuit against VW because of exhaust manipulations. Meanwhile, the US head of VW, Michael Horn, sharply attacked the US Congress and engaged in gross contradictions. At the same time resulted in the country public prosecutor raided the Wolfsburg Volkswagen headquarters by.


CIA behind attack on Apple’s App Store

CIA behind the attack on Apple’s App Store as the hacker attack is clearly marked, the American Central Intelligence Agency might be stuck. In Internet indications have emerged that the CIA is said to have infected the development tool Xcode Ghost for Apps. Meanwhile becoming apparent that not 300, more than 4,000 special programs will […]