Hyperloop tests in the Nevada

Hyperloop success: the company has carried out initial tests with exceeding sound speed train of the visionary Elon Musk. In a few years, people like in a pneumatic tube to can travel. German Rail send several engineers to observe this tests and learn to copy Hyperloop technology.

Here is report from this what German visitors observed. The test took place in the desert of Nevada at Las Vegas. There, the company built about 800 m rail Hyperloop one. On a rudimentary prototype of the excess sound train, basically nothing more than a steel frame with linear motors accelerated so far in 1.1 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. Finally, he reached his top speed of 160 km/h and then slowed down in the sand. Because he does not have an own brake yet. The test was then already over after 1.9 seconds.

People will be able to travel by 2021 in the Hyperloop like structures but just in a pneumatic tube.

The technology itself is not new. Also Japan’s magnetic suspension train Maglev, which has recently set a new speed record, uses linear motors. Nevertheless evaluates Rob Lloyd, Chief of the Hyperloop one, the short test a success: “We are now achieving Hyperloop one step closer.”

Hyperloop One test in Las Vegas
A handout image released on 12 May 2016 by Hyperloop One showing the Propulsion Open Air Test during the development of the world’s first Hyperloop to very quickly move passengers and cargo between two points in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 12 May 2016.

The finished version of the train should flit with 1220 km/h through a vacuum tube. People could then put back haul in record time as in a tube. 30 minutes, for example, the 650 km long route between San Francisco and Los Angeles would be to deal with. 2021, this form of travel to be possible. 2019 Hyperloop one with first cargo transportation wants to start.

German Rails are very is interested in the Hyperloop. Several engineers observing project progress directly in Nevada

Money for the development it does not lack Hyperloop one. Various lenders gave over $120 millions. Invested including venture capitalists from Silicon Valley, a Fund of General Electric Company and the French railway operator SNCF. And to the surprise Hyperloop one called also a subsidiary of the German Rail as a project partner: DB Engineering & Consulting, an Engineering Division of the group, with 4000 employees. Partners are also the auditing KPMG Co. and the Swiss Amberg Group.

Also first countries are interested in the new means of transport. The Slovakia checks a Hyperloop line to facilitate commuting professionals. The 400-km route from Bratislava in the Eastern Košice would be to tackle in only 25 minutes. So far, commuting by car need good four and a half hours.

Competition comes from Hyperloop transportation technologies

The competition never sleeps however. The company Hyperloop transportation technologies (HTT) wants to build the above sound train, published by visionary and founder Elon Musk of Tesla due to lack of time as an open-source project. The company has let himself supposedly a passive magnetic levitation license which should be cost-effective and still work during blackouts. HTT wants to build a Hyperloop 8 km stretch, which already 2018 first passengers could rush.