Hyperloop: Stockholm to Helsinki in 28m for €20

In the future from Stockholm to Helsinki in 28 minutes for €20? Where today the ferry 17 hours and 30 minutes required? Yes, it would be. The excess sound train Hyperloop one. And the construction of one of the world’s longest sea tunnel. Whether the project has chances of implementation?

Stockholm to Helsinki
Hyperloop One represents the underwater connections. Photo: Hyperloop One

500 km would put travelers in the Hyperloop capsules, rush up to 1225 km/h through the vacuum tube to reach Helsinki from Stockholm in 28 minutes. To realize the distance between the Finnish and the Swedish capital, any amount of money is necessary after a study now: according to calculations of the Consortium FS links and the accounting firm KPMG will cost the entire project €19 billion. For this a Hyperloop line should be built, the underground, above ground on pylons and the part of the Baltic Sea under water runs. One of the world’s longest sea tunnel would be under water.

KPMG for the construction of the undersea connection by the Gulf of Bothnia estimated €8.21 billion Gulf of Finland on the Åland Islands. €4.49 billion accounts for the stretch in Sweden between Stockholm, airport Arlanda, Uppsala and Norrtälje. Would have to invest 6.3 billion € for the route between Helsinki airport Vantaa, Espoo, Lohja, Salo and Turku in Finland.

Investors expect twelve years to build

The sections in Sweden and Finland according to FS link and Hyperloop one could be completed in eight years. Pure construction time. Approval procedures, clarification of security questions etc. are not included here. You need for the construction of the undersea link twelve years. A cross-border metropolitan area would be created by fast connection.

Stockholm 1 to Helsinki
Hyperloop One represents the underwater connections. Photo: Hyperloop One

The planners not only local authorities and private investors, but also the EU have as a donor in sight. With ticket sales up to one billion euros should be generated according to study ten years 42.7 million passengers would use the Hyperloop.

The Hyperloop technology is still in the development stage

While the technology is still in the development stage. Only 800 m long is the test track in the Nevada desert. But engineers believe the new transport system. Also in Germany. Hyperloop one as a project partner is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn: the DB engineering & consulting, a group’s Engineering Division. And Russia is planning to build a 700-km-long Hyperloop route between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The excess sound moves to goods transport – later also in remote parts of the country.

The idea of the Hyperloop goes back to the visionary and entrepreneur Elon Musk, who founded among other things the company Tesla and SpaceX. The first line to be built between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

And who wants to enforce the Hyperloop route through the Baltic Sea? The Consortium behind FS links companies and regions such as the Finnish Turko, known for its shipbuilding industry, the Finnish Association of enterprises Yrittäjät where 115,000 companies are joined together, as well as several consulting and engineering companies from Sweden, Finland and the UK such as Rambøll, Volterra, setter walls, the railway consultancy, KPMG and Salo.