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HyperLoop Poland is ready for execution

Along with this is the innovative concept to transport between cities. Is a kind of combination of air transport with rail, in allowing you to accelerate the capsule to speed more than 1000 km/h over the concept of working group of engineers from all over the world, including the young inventor from Poland to focus on the Hyper group.

When in June 2015, Elon Musk announced a competition to design the fifth mode of transport: ALONG, we decided to take the challenge. We were aware of that takes away from the hoe in the Sun. The contest a total of 1200 teams from all over the world. Many of them could count on the support of sponsors and wealthy Universities says Krzysztof Tabiszewski, Polish HyperLoop leader. We could count on own create ideas and enthusiasm for the development of innovative solutions. We have created the original design-art capsule with innovative solutions and it worked! We are already in the second stage of the competition, adds Tabiszewski.

Photo: 2016 Hyperloop Poland
Photo: 2016 Hyperloop Poland

The Hyper team Poland make up the graduates of Warsaw University of technology, who work under the supervision of Prof. content Janusz Piechny. Their task was to create the concept of aerodynamic and propulsion.

Engineers with Hyper Poland also design station along with Floodgate (even the pressure between the atmospheric and the reigning inside the tube). Bold ideas and original approach to this issue, backed up by precise calculations, have given the effect of the transition to the next stage in the competition organised by Elona Musk, SpaceX.

Polish engineers team leading along the HyperLoop Project Worldwide

What in General is the idea In a special pipe, which pumps out even 99% of the air to reduce torque for passenger capsule. With reduced air resistance and rolling resistance “wagon” moving on magnetic cushions is able to accelerate to a speed of almost Mach 1 (more than 1100 km/h), while consuming as much energy as the car moving at the speed of approx. 130 km/h.

Photo: 2016 Hyperloop Poland
Photo: 2016 Hyperloop Poland

Pipe with a diameter of a few feet is placed on the massive uprights. The whole thing will be powered by solar energy, derived by collectors on the tube Along. Thanks to travel from Warsaw to Gdansk would take about 40 minutes and the fare would be much cheaper than the seats in any railines.

If they are so some weaknesses of this project?

Of course we can find here weaknesses. The capsule will probably be quite cramped and windowless. You can also have doubts about whether the massive boom on the pipe will be part of contributing positively to the landscape. Certainly there will be a lot of this kind of doubt, but for now, my focus is on technical issues related to this concept. And there is no shortage, says Krzysztof Tabiszewski.

While in the United States are invested large funds in the development of the concept, and the transport minister USA Anthony Fox found that the question is not whether the rise of technology, but when and who will realize, the whole project is still at an early stage.

Along with may be a revolution as far as the invention of the steam engine, or popularization of aviation

We are working with many industries. And we still need more engineers, syppliers and manufacturing units. We look forward to working with any willing. The goal is really possible to achieve, also here in Poland is needed for this severe and systematic work.

When we can see first connections ready?

Engineers with Hyper Poland the whole concept, design, modeling and calculations shall develop and carry out a specialized engineering software Solidworks. Each element of the project is carried out separately, then combining it all together. The challenge here is the proper coordination of the project.

Photo: 2016 Hyperloop Poland
Photo: 2016 Hyperloop Poland

The essential result of our previous work was the execution of detailed prototype tubes, capsules. Model scale 1:15 consisted of dozens of parts, which once printed on a 3D printer. Now before us completing the conceptual stage, perform thorough research computing and to prepare for the construction of a test track-says Krzysztof Tabiszewski.

Support from the outside of Hyperloop

Today the band Hyper Poland consists of more than a dozen people. Technical support provides the Warsaw University of technology, Wrocław, and personal supervision is exercised by Prof. Janusz Piechna with PW. Also other offices, engineering and business.

Photo: 2016 Hyperloop Poland
Photo: 2016 Hyperloop Poland

So far we have met with great interest and friendliness of the people, who support us in different ways. On the conceptual work we managed to get financial support in the amount of 65k Euro by portal crowdfunding. Invaluable is our cooperation with DPS Software, that within the framework of the sponsorship provided us with free licenses for Solidworks software, along with the necessary us modules. Certainly without the support of any work on the project would not be possible for Krzysztof Tabiszewski.

We want this project forward. We have prepared extensive documentation, preliminary conceptual design, so anyone who wants to work with us and develop on this project, you may join us.