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Hutchinson effect, levitation or script from sci-fi movie?

Floating in the air heavy items. Hutchinson effect combining metal and wooden things whether increase in temperature without the use of heat, emerging spontaneously ruptures and disappearance is a fiction, fable and urban legend? well, cadINacdOUT doesn’t think so.

John Hutchison. Photo:

Many do not believe in such things. If anything, this type of revelations we could see each other only in the movies. But for several years, since 1979, such “point of interest” you may have seen in the apartment of a man. That is, however, we have no reason and levitation is not a figment of the creators of the movies?

This is one of those “incredible” stories that describe the reality. John Hutchison, “haunted” Canadian, he was interested in the research of Nikola Tesla. His attention particularly caught your eye coils and instruments that generate strong electromagnetic field. One day, when conducting their experiments, John noticed that … hit him in the shoulder piece of metal. The researcher’s surprise-and get inspired, after you put your item on the place, this again has soared in the air.

Hutchison at all costs wanted to understand and explain the observed phenomenon.

The man discovered that constructed by the device produces electromagnetic field that at a certain time and in a designated area “celebrates” gravity. We are talking about the force that balances gravity and moves objects in motion. From this point on in the flat Canadian you may have seen the effects of his work.

A collection of phenomena for which it is responsible, the “Hutchinson Effect”.

The scientist invited to two observers who were to be witnesses of these revelations. The work of the “madman” bring new effects-operation of your equipment man gave up the glass. Inside it began to appear, rubber and metal were common reactions and connect, and aluminium turned to dust. What’s more, some of the items floating in the air outside. The machine working 75-4000 Watts of power with a voltage of 110 V.

4kW magnetic field can levitate or even bend or disintegrate practically anything. Photo: John Hutchison Lab.

The makeshift laboratory Canadian began to download masses of scientists. John has welcomed famous names from major institutions and publications. Of course, as is often the case in such situations, each of them trying to use the revelations to the researcher’s interests. Appeared even promise to support the work of man by the u.s. Government. In 1983, after moving to Vancouver, the cooperation ties with the Scientific-Research Institute of MAIN CONTRIBUTORS. Joint research continued a series of unexplained phenomena-heavy objects to levitate, foaming of the water in the tap, the production of a mist, etc.

So why so far such phenomena are for us something improbable, impossible, and I just don’t want us to believe? Can anything would look like, if not for the fact that the videos, which were recorded during the experiments, have never been released to the public (even though it’s on YouTube is the document on which you can see the effects of the work of the man-click.) The researchers, despite an earlier huge interest on John, suddenly disappear and do not give itself felt. Despite the insistence of Hutchison, fails to do much of anything. In return, appear threatening, anonymous letters, scientists at the laboratory block payment of subsidy by the Government.

Hutchinson is not discouraged, truly scientist research.

In his apartment appeared representatives of McDonnell Douglas, NASA, television crews, etc. John again believed that his research can succeed and in 1986 to the specialized expertise of melted pieces of metal. The Max Planck Institute has detected a significant change at the molecular level the structure of the pieces of metal. The Boeing 80 spent thousands of dollars to continue the  Hutchisona work It all sounds fantastic and already we can imagine a career of John Hutchisona in Germany, where he wanted to continue his work in the new lab.

Unfortunately, at this point everything is broken as a soap bubble. The researcher’s equipment is confiscated and sent in an unknown place. The man never managed to recover it. The reason for the confiscation order (apparently) a threat to the environment.

This prevented the researcher to conduct further research. Only twenty years ago, in 1996, John managed to collect a new set of devices to your apparatus, but the effects were absolutely disappointing. A man accused of fabricating evidence, dissemination of conspiracy theories, is said to be about mental illness and madness.

Man sells everything that has and closes with his wife in her full remains of the minivan apparatus. Fleeing before the army and the Government of the United States goes after the UNITED STATES and talks about his research, more and more fleeing for madman telling tales of anti-gravity and levitation. Interestingly, doing a madman with the researcher, whose actions have won the recognition and admiration of the most important names in the world of science, institutes and corporations.

Conclusion anyone can draw from this story yourself. Proponents of conspiracy theories believe that NASA, along with the us Government quietly in their secret laboratories continues to work with researcher using his apparatus.

But what really happened with the apparatus Hutchinson? As Mark Solis, quoted in techno-passions, abnormal heating of the material (usually wood) can be a sign that the nature of the phenomena of heat is still not fully understood. This clearly confirms that we still have a lot to learn, especially when it comes to the frontier of thermodynamics and electromagnetism.

In turn, the levitation of heavy objects is not called the ordinary effects of electrostatic or electromagnetic. Theories that these forces can explain the phenomenon, are easy to subvert by attempting to repeat the result achieved phenomena Hutchinson. Contradiction is that different substances can simply “decant”, even if separately do not dissociate. A block of wood may “sink” in the metal, however, or wood, or metal does not separate from each other.

Today, researchers are looking at John Hutchinson as the crazy scientist from conspiracy theories. See the potential to continue to explore. Let us remember that physics is a science that is constantly evolving and almost every year researchers are gaining new knowledge about the world around us and the laws governing it. A few years ago no one had any idea what they are elementary particles of Higgs Boson.