Hunt for German Astronaut began, apply to get into outer space

So far, as it happen still no German astronaut was send into space. A private personnel service provider from Bremen finds that it must finally change and now calls for the two casting. A multi-year training should end by 2020 the first German astronaut on the ISS land.Surprise in the otherwise saturated genre of castings: wanted is currently not long-legged beauty, singer, or wife, but the first German astronaut to the international space station ISS. Provided special physical, mental, and intellectual qualities.

That sounds now not bad, because the fact is that all 11 astronauts, which Germany has so far sent on a mission into space, were male.

“Why not finally sends German woman into space?”

Last of the exceedingly likable Alexander Gerst, in a very personal way about his life on the tweeted ISS in social media, that man was infected by his enthusiasm. That not enough finds Claudia Kessler, Managing Director of HE space operations from Bremen, the “first staffing companies for highly qualified professionals in the aerospace industry”. Germany was a leading technology nation in Europe and train his men and women equally.

“Why Germany is not a European pioneer in the space then and finally send a woman out there” Yes, why actually not, are some of the other 21Member States of the European Space Agency may ask ESA puzzled.

There it was assumed so far, that the astronaut Corps of of ESA by the ESA will be selected. The last selection process, in which also Gerst and as the only woman in the 6-strong team that had been Italian Samantha Campbell “cast”, had started 2008.

The flight to the ISS is scheduled for 2019/20

apply to get into outer space
It’s not as if a woman has never had a foothold in the ISS set: at the 37th mission was Karen Lujean Nyberg 2013 as a Board engineer there. It was the second spaceflight of the American citizen and NASA astronaut. Photo: ESA

Claudia Kessler want to anyway, “Not more decades wait, flies the first German astronaut into space”. “That’s why we do a conspicuous sign, in which we finance the selection and training for two German female professional sponsorship in the first step.” For German scientists or engineers with professional and media experience, with Aviator medical fitness certificate, flowing knowledge of English and a good physical and mental condition may apply until 30 April.

Two finalists will finally be waiting from 2017 for three year astronaut training at Star City in Moscow or in Houston. Also going “participation media sponsors and media appearances before, during and after the flight to the ISS” is located. The “ticket to space” for one of the two female is already in the book for 2019/20 was the flight to the ISS planned. The entire process of the applications and selection. Training up to the mission will be “the German public witness”, promises HE space operations.

Private funding should be available till autumn 2016

In addition to the PR goal “is to girls and women to open their eyes for technical professions and to inspire for the areas of MINT” the mission also a scientific superstructure get. The German astronaut examine the characteristics of the female body in zero gravity with detailed medical tests.

ISS present configuration 2015-05, 11:26, 16 July 2015

Funding by sponsors and Crowdfunding Claudia Kessler wants to have until autumn 2016 collected amount to make it work. That is no small thing, so a privately funded short time stay on the ISS will be hard to have less than 30 million euros.

The percentage of female candidates and female over 15 years of experience with about 15% roughly equal. You can argue against a project with the interest of girls and women in science and engineering careers. Encouraged in which a German astronaut as a weightless model on the ISS sent is? Maybe not, but that could be solved this problem with a populist acting campaign for a German astronaut of the quotas, is more than questionable.