Huge Storm On MARS

Huge storm on MARS. Rover is in big troubles.

The first manned trip to the red planet, a building there housing units and farms is no longer fiction. Slowly becomes our reality. This is confirmed by the advanced projects carried out by multiple space agencies and private companies. Since Mars has become the future home for millions of earthlings, we need to understand this property so that we can function normally in this inhospitable place.

Despite the fact that the colonists will be casual lived in bases, to ensure their safety against strong radiation, lack of life-giving oxygen, low blood pressure or extreme temperatures, they used to go outside them, for example. carry out the test. The beneficial will be the weather forecast.

Scientists at NASA are trying to create the most accurate as possible, the forecast for the red planet. Now scientists have issued about the upcoming global storm silt, which embrace the entire planet for months.

Huge Storm On MARS

This is one of the more dangerous for people and equipment, because the Storm cut off the planet’s surface from the benefits of sunlight and cover it with a thick layer of fine dust. It may have an adverse effect on the proper working of the solar panels, mechanical equipment and electronics, that is just seriously impede the life of colonization.

Dust envelope was observed on Mars already 9 times since 1924, the last five storms have been observed in 1977, 1982, 1994, 2001 and 2007. The last global dust storm on Mars took place in 2007, when it effectively limited the amount of solar energy reaching the surface of the solar panels installed on board active then after two different sides of the globe Martian rovers, namely: Spirit and Opportunity.

NASA has developed a forecast, based on historical data about the occurrence of this phenomenon. For now, discovered a pattern emerge global dust storms, taking into account the orbital motion of Mars. Planet of the solar system affect the momentum of Mars in the course of his travels around the center of mass of the solar system.

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