Huawei Design own $199 VR Goggles for EU Market

On the European release of Huawei P9 and P9 Plus manufacturer does not choke the topic of virtual reality, but create backlog at a Conference in Shanghai. It was in China, in fact, Huawei VR will debut as first. When we can get this cheap VR?

Huawei VR, like Samsung’s goggles will not be a standalone device. Action required will fit your Smartphone. There will be three versions of goggle, each tailored to a different model of Huawei-P9, P9 Plus Mate 8. The design of the device is very similar to its competitor. Here we find not only touch screen that allows you to interact with applications and reversing button but also the lens diopter adjustment.

Low quality, low price. Nevertheless $199 is perfect to get it.

But while the angle of view Googles remains the same as in the case of Gear VR-95 degrees is a product of Huawei receives unfortunately worse image quality. Let us remember that the VR big role played by the quality of the display. In Samsung’s smartphones have resolution QHD, while Huawei devices are just Full HD screen Sharing. two parts would probably receive a picture much below expectations. Still engineers at Huawei are confident that Full HD resolution is enough for this type of devices and we still do not have official date on sales.