How we will live in 100 years

A group of architects and scientists suggests that life in the cities in 100 years may involve completely carry an entire House, foods that can be printed, rather than cooked or baked, underwater cities and underground buildings.The team is comprised of architects from the company SmartThings, which belongs to the technology giant Samsung, and professors at the Westminster University in Britain. The predictions of the Group were gathered in a report called SmartThings: Future Living Report: report on living in the future, in free translation.

According to the predicting report, at 2116 people will live in city bubbles underwater, at the bottom of the oceans. In these cities at the bottom of the sea there will be rapid construction technologies and unmanned aircraft, according to the group.

How we will live in 100 years
The cities may win more Star Wars. [Image: SmartThings]
“Let’s find the best places to build and make the bottom of the sea makes a lot of sense,” defends Maggie Aderin-Pocock space scientist and one of the authors of the study.