How to make a Moon?

Scientists in California have described the Earth’s collision with another large planet, which was our natural satellite. The fact that the Earth collided 4.5 billion years ago with another body of a spaceship called Theą.Researchers have speculated since the 70s. the previous century. Now researchers from the American University of California, provided new details about how this conflict could look like.

Geochemistry department from Los Angeles have focused their research on oxygen contained in rocks on Earth and the moon. This is the element in common: weight is 50% of their weight. But not every oxygen atoms are the same. The most widely spread is oxygen-16, whose nucleus contains eight protons and eight neutrons. But there are other, heavier isotopes: O-17 has nine neutrons, O-18 contains the ten. Most important is that each rock in the solar globe is characterized by a different proportion of the different isotopes of oxygen.

The ratio (relative amount) of these two types of oxygen in water changes with the climate. By determining how the ratio of heavy and light oxygen in marine (NASA)

Until recently, scientists were convinced that the Moon and Earth also have oxygen isotope proportions. Suggested that the study of the German specialists published in 2014.

Now, however, a research team from the University of California performed the new analysis, which showed that the proportions of the planet and its satellite are identical. The researchers analyzed (except Earth rocks) the samples brought back from the Moon by the astronauts of Apollo 12, 15 and 17. Results of a study published in “Science Magazine”.

What we can say on the basis of these studies? First, we reject the theory of the formation of the Moon, claiming that the satellite was captured by the Earth already formed. In this case, it should, with a probability of 99%, have a different percentage of oxygen isotopes.

The results published in “Science” reveal new details the course of collisions of the Earth and Thei. Previously it was thought that the Globes collided at an angle of 45 degrees. But if they did, the moon would consist more of the remains of Thei. The results of the research suggest that it was the scientists Californian frontal. Thea (which was proto-planet body not as compact as the planet) its mixed matter with matter (then still very young and hot).

Thea was the body that has formed on the same solar orbit what the Earth, but it was smaller with size similar to Mars. As a result of the collision of ceased to exist, the part of its debris mixed with Earth, part of the stranded was on orbit where it has set up the ring forming the moon. Some even claim that the former two moons, which then merged: according to this theory the second strike is moon on the dark side of the moon.

That Thea and Earth may collide head-on, said already in the year 2012 astronomer Matija Ćuk from Harvard. According to his hypothesis, Thea would be tiny (about 2% of the mass of the Earth), and the dynamics of hitting a huge thanks to the large speed of rotation of the Earth.