How much google knows about me?

Margrethe Vestager, Commissioner of the European Union to competition, has announced that Google is abusing its dominant position on the market.

Users who are actively using a Google account Gmail mail are logged on, use the Chrome browser and use your Smartphone, you can check out what I have been doing so far in the network. All thanks to a new Google tool History.

A long time ago for granted, it is assumed that everything on the Web is free. Unfortunately, over time this claim is not true. Yes, for a variety of services available online such as email or search engines, are still free of charge. At least for money. Meanwhile the Internet giants rather than in money prefer  other services to pay. Knowledge about us and our habits, about where we’ve been and who is much more valuable.

Biggest Tycoon both in the field of searches on the Web and Web browsers all that is connected to the Internet, decided to share all the knowledge you have on each of us. Just that you have ever logged in to any Google service, the company started to collect information about you. All thanks to the new service apply named story.

Google permanent record for lifetime, but how much google knows about me?

The amount of collected by Google, of course, depends on many factors. Most traces of a left users, who use the Chrome browser, and with Smartphones working on Android. Users working on phones based on other systems do not have what to enjoy-they also left a lot of information about yourself.

What can we learn about ourselves from the history of Google? Well, on the first page of the activity on the Internet and applications-we have the opportunity to review the entire history of browsing the Web and searches in Google’u. The company shows us not only how many times we took advantage of their search engine, what I have been looking for the most, and even what days of the week, most often we use Google. All since Google account.

The next tab is the Activity associated with voice and sound, where we can listen to all the recordings, which took the opportunity to save the Google. Do not worry, however, as opposed to Facebook’s known to Google listen us while talking on the phone, or on other occasions. Sound files created when you use the Assistant (the phrase OK Google), or when you search by voice.

The device information tab you will find information about your contacts, applications, and other devices that have been sent to Google.

The most elaborate, however, is the location History tab. Takes us on a map view, which, in turn, we have selected points, where Google us tracked for a variety of reasons. Interestingly, does not know about us all. Trouble is with the places where network coverage is weak, or were only for a moment. We can be sure that Google will record our stay in a place, if only we will use search engine, or another service company.

The next two tabs apply to YouTube. Both the history of the watch in YouTube, and YouTube search history will allow us to recall the most interesting films that took us the precious minutes of life.

Probably not all the information that I was able to collect about us by Google. What are the data, which the company says? It is, as yet, remains in the phase of speculation, conjecture and conspiracy theories.