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How much earn german engineers?

You have applied for, and then presented to negotiating your salary. But you have this also requires enough? What make the other fellow? We tell you: The engineers really earn.

The uncertainty as to whether they were persistent enough in salary negotiations can eat away at a. All the better that there are by our colleagues from reliable figures for engineering salaries, against which you can evaluate the level of your income. Also there is a free content test, which shows you where you are with your income.

But what deserves an engineer? This will depend on numerous factors, which have only partly to do with the person himself. We cleared over the average gross annual salaries of engineers. All values ​​were collected from for the year 2014th

Going to the point. How much earn german engineers within industry membership status.

How much you earn as a young professional in the engineering specialist, will depend to a considerable extent on the sector in which it operates. How to Earn engineers in construction initially approximately € 40,012, while beginners in chemistry and pharmaceutical industry start at about € 52,600. And engineers with more than two years of professional experience in this industry earn an average of the most, namely € 76,547. In construction and in engineering and planning offices only € 49,786 or € 49,379 to be paid.

Industry entrants more than 2 years work experience

Mechanical and plant engineering                                 € 45,450 / € 62,768
Vehicle                                                                                 € 47,708 / € 66,025
Electronics & Electrical                                                    € 45,426 / € 62,000
Power                                                                                   € 42,849 / € 61,120
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry                           € 52,600 / € 76,547
Construction                                                                       € 40,012 / € 49,786
Engineers & consultants                                                   € 42,000 / € 49,379
Information technology                                                    € 42,025 / € 66,000


What deserves the colleague? We tell you… Do you want to move to germany and work as engineer there? Are you good enought?

Study graduation tells how much earn german engineers

Of course, the degree plays a role when it finally comes to payment. This shows that graduates of a university or institute of technology at the content about which a technical college are on a par. The former get an average starting salary of € 45,500, the latter € 44,285. Engineers who have completed a dual degree, earn an average of € 41,109, € 63,000 engineers with doctorate.

Graduation starting salary
Promotion € 63,000
University / TH € 45,500
Fachhochschule € 44,285
Dual Studies € 41,109

Study subjects

Who wants to choose his field of study earnestly that he later earned the most money, should enroll for mechatronics. Here get € 46,722 entrants, graduates of the degree program in Civil Engineering only € 39,000.

Study starting salary

Mechatronics € 46,722
Mechanical € 46,200
Industrial Engineering € 45,700
Electrical € 45,000
Process engineering € 43,300
Computer science € 42,750
Other € 41,950
Civil Engineering € 39,000

Company Size

How much can output a company for an employee, often depends on the company size. Not for nothing earn engineers in companies with more than 5 000 employees on average € 49,750. In small companies with one to 50 employees, the average income is € 41,600.

Company Size starting salary
> 5000 49 750 €
1001-5000 € 46,835
251-1000 € 45,364
51-250 € 43,996
1-50 € 41,600

Kind of graduation

Anyone who has just made his Bachelor and think about it, even nachzulegen the Master, could be convinced by these numbers: During a Bachelor initially average € 43,400 earned it 46 100 € at an engineer with Master.

Graduation starting salary
Dipl.- Eng. (University / Politechnique) € 45,600
Dipl.- Eng. (FH) € 44,500
Bachelor € 43,400
Master € 46,100


Of course, the climb up the career ladder is worthwhile. Because depending on which position you fill, you can fully expect to right with different high salaries. A clerk earns z. B. only around € 50,280. With a head of the annual salary is unsurprisingly much higher, at € 96,040.

Position annual salary
Head € 96,040
Head of € 82,276
Group / team leader € 72,912
Project Manager € 64,467
Project Engineer € 50,442
Administrator € 50,280


They feel your home well? Once you consider the salary differences in the various postcode areas, you might consider to move. After all, who works in the postcode area 6, earned an average of € 60,000 per year, € 15,900 more than colleagues in the postcode area 0, where there are only 44 € 100.



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