How many flavors has Parmesan? High-Performance Mass Spectrometer will tell…

Actually, how is it that a cheese tastes sweet bitter spicy and one mild sour? And what flavors does Parmesan cheese right now? A team of researchers of the TU Munich has taken the Italian hard cheese now very closely and identified a precise taste profile from 31 substances.

As delicate chips on the salad, grated on a hearty pasta dish, or as laminated pieces, broken fresh out of the loaf on the antipasti plate: Parmesan is inseparable from the Italian kitchen and hot loved through Europe for centuries.

flavors of Parmesan
How many flavors has Parmesan? Held on the plate have buttoned before the Italian hard cheese in the high-performance mass spectrometer itself. Demystified: there is now a chemo sensory profile of tasty cheese. 31 substances which give the typical taste of Parmesan. Photo: TUM

With the wood chips-like flakes, which is included in some prepared meals, has real Parmigiano Reggiano, so the original name of the Italian Exports, nothing in common. His special touch unfolded of one to three years maturing cheese must be produced exclusively in the Northern Italian region of Emilia Romagna, only freshly grated planed parts: slightly sweet, slightly bitter, slightly sharp, this salty and the taste is unique and consists of various flavors. From exactly 31, chemist of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) figured out now.

Aqueous solution with a Parmesan cheese taste

For Dr. Hedda Hillmann and Professor Thomas Hofmann detachable the cheese from the Department of food chemistry and molecular sensor technology at TUM in its individual components. They moved proteins and fats from the mass, so that only the flavorings remained at the end. They then concentrated it in aqueous solution. Using a high-performance mass spectrometer they identified minerals fatty acids and amino acids peptides, and ammonia derivatives total 31 substances which give the typical taste of Parmesan.