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German Technology: Hama introduces Hoverboard PRO.

Who so far bought¬†cheap China scooters with blocking brake or exploding batteries deter can get an alternative “Made in Germany” toy. The electronics equipment maker Hama brings a German hoverboard on the market. To try it is at the international radio exhibition.

“Certainly have fun” Hama promises made in Germany when his balance scooter. Photo: Hama.

You are cool, innovative, and should be especially fun: Balance-Scooter, which look like a cross between a skateboard and Segway. Called hoverboard or a “Desk”. The fun is gone but many users quickly: in particular cheap imports in the price range to 300 Euro made because of overheating batteries and blocking wheels repeatedly negative headlines. Now there’s the sports and fun devices safe and “Made in Germany”. So stressed the German company Hama currently on the International Expo 2016 (IFA) in Berlin. If you like, can try the scooter on the spot.

Surly boards should belong to the past.

Although the boards of all manufacturers do not fly as their model from the movie “Back to the¬† Future”, but they have left and right each one wheel and be steered by shifting body weight. In terms of size they are rather the skateboard, technically then more at the Segway: in addition to a gyroscope in the footplates, which detects the Steering motion and converts, a lot more technology in the mini Scooter and exactly who was it, that has caused some dangerous accidents on the cheap boards.

hoverboards by Hama
Larger excursions possible: the Hama scooter have a range of up to 18 kilometers. Photo: Hama.

When it comes to the camera and electronics equipment maker Hama, surly boards, exploding batteries and discarded drivers are now the past: the company of the Bavarian Monheim brings a balance scooter in two variants on the market. For the development of the boards, the company has worked with the also German Start-Up Wheelheels in Alfeld near Nuremberg, dealing for 2012 with individual E-mobility.

Made in Germany, with few exceptions.

The scooters are “Made in Germany” mainly, some components are still from abroad: for example the motor is manufactured in Japan, and the battery comes from Panasonic. Most but, from design and installation to the quality assurance and accreditation, to be held in Germany, emphasizes Hama.

hoverboards by Hama

Also the battery will not installed: the energy source was so concieved in cooperation with a German battery and assembled, that all major safety standards were met and appropriate protection circuits function as intended. Exactly that was the cheap boards from the negative headlines not the case: that like to in flames went up, because of the overheating protection did not work – and when he attacked, then even at full speed. As a result, blocking wheels and riders falling.

Hoover Range of up to 18 km.

In terms of energy, the boards of Hama have even more in store: force caused by the brakes and the downhill flows via energy recovery back in the battery. Total get the balance scooter from the House of Hama to a range of 15 to 18 km.

Larger excursions possible: the Hama scooter have a range of up to 18 kilometers. Photo: Hama.

These are not the only differences between the variants: the slalom Cruiser is more agile than its big brother somewhat more compact and with its 16.5 centimeters tires on a solid surface. The cross Cruiser has tubular 25.4 cm in diameter and can even withstand a drive through rough terrain. Priced both don’t do much themselves: with 579 or 599 euros they will be in the midfield of the balance-scooters.