“Hover” Flying Camera Camera Replaces The Selfie Stick

“Hover” Flying Camera camera replaces the Selfie stick

An alternative to the Selfie-stick anyone? Hover camera passport is a flying camera. The foldable drone is ready to go in a matter of seconds and has interesting features on board.

When the wings are folded up, hover camera passport is ready to go. The owner must pull out only his Smartphone as a remote control and can cause the camera drone in the air to rise. The maximum range is 20 m, the maximum speed 28 km/h, the duration of 10 minutes. Then must the 1360-mAh battery to the socket. A very short flight pleasure so that however interesting features.

Flying camera detects a face of the owner

On Board of the plane are a 13-megapixel camera that can capture even 4K-Videos, and a 32 GB of memory. As far as not uncommon. Special feature: The drone remembers the face of owner and follows him on request autonomously while jogging, skating or cycling. She can also go around the user and 360-degree videos.

Hover camera Passport wants to score points with compactness. The hull is 13 cm long, the two wings can be folded with one hand. The small plane is a light-weight. Thanks to carbon housing, he brings only 242 g on the scale. Thus he will not notice in a backpack.

Is this price reasonable?

Hover camera passport is not exactly cheap. In advance of the manufacturer requires zero zero Robotics $549. Is that appropriate? There are competitors who are cheaper.

Axis Vidius only €88 and is even more compact. The camera drone from the United States measures 4.3 x 4.3 x 2.5 cm, making it the world’s smallest camera drone. She is also controlled by using your Smartphone, has a range of 30 m, and enables a flight duration of 20 minutes.

Also the 3D Pocketcopter should be a gadget for amateur photographers. The 390 g light mini helicopter with detachable blades should can be controlled to within a radius of 60 m with the Smartphone and photographed with an HD camera. Should.

Thomas Pagel seems failed with the project? First the inventor on the Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo had collected more than €110,000. Then he had to realize in the production phase that his flight concept doesn’t work, it reported online magazine. The coaxial design is not suitable for outdoor use. The delivery of mid-May fell to the annoyance of the supporters in the water. A negative example for Crowdfunding.

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