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House Hanging on the Restored Harbor Crane

Engineers love cranes and construction machinery. Therefore we have found your dream hotel. The rooms are fitted in a construction crane, 50 m high above the rooftops of Amsterdam.

Driving up in the room with the lift. So far, so ordinary. When the door opens, you enter not only a luxury suite, at the same time, the views over Amsterdam opens in around 50 m height. The Faralda crane hotel has only three such rooms, and they are always booked out for months.

House Hanging on the Restored Harbour Crane
This hotel is according to the taste of engineers most interesting one. Faralda Crane Hotel has only three rooms, highly placed in a Harbour Crane in Amsterdam. Photo: Faralda Crane Hotel

Because many guests are looking for exactly this special place: outside the charm of old, heavy-metal industry, in the pompous equipped with King-size beds and Jacuzzi on the terrace. Easy cheesy to the part, the three suites are different: Oriental, as wild style mix or even for lovers of leopard skins.

Rusted crane has been completely restored

The owners, included German bathroom supplier “Grohe” put a lot of money and work into this project: A strongly rusty, no longer used Harbour Crane has been completely dismantled, restored, rebuilt, and supplemented by the establishment. Now stands as considered to be one of the hippest hip of locations in not to poor city.

Restored Harbour Crane
Restored Harbor Crane

In addition to the suites, there is a panoramic lounge in the dare can be, which is fitted as well as a professional TV Studio. From here, for example, the Dutch RTL offshoot sends a magazine on the subject of housing.

Bungee jump in the dock

To get events that regularly take place in the Faralda Crane Hotel. Also a bungee jump towards the harbour basin is possible. For 85 euros and thus is relatively cheap to have the pleasure, however 50 metres above sea level are not the world that. Yes just one-third of the Cologne Cathedral. Regular room rates start, however since 435 euro per night.

There’s a magnificent view over Amsterdam but in addition to the exclusivity really. And such panoramas have discovered hoteliers around the world as a lure for tourists. There are completely glass capsules which hang on a wall in height of 400 metres in the Peruvian Andes.