Hospital paid $17,000 ransom to hackers in Presbyterian Medical Center

It is harrowing: hackers can paralyze whole hospitals with few handholds and ransom. To prove cases in Germany and the United States. Read here how dangerous it can be for patients.For hospitals, the networking of medical devices and IT systems in the Internet of Things can become a threat. A current case in the United States shows that. In California Los Angeles, hacking Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center had infected on February 5 by E-Mail with a so-called Ransomware (blackmailer software). It paralysed the entire IT system, including patient encrypted data. As a result, The hospital declared a State of emergency and had to cancel operations. Patients were moved to other houses.

Hackers take German hospitals in the visor
Hackers take German hospitals in the visor

Hospital paid $17,000 ransom to hackers

To be as quickly as possible in the life-threatening situation hospital ransom amounting to 17,000$ was paid. For this sum, the blackmailer sent a digital tool, the hospital could release the encryption of the blood tests, x-rays, and disease stories on February 15. “The fastest and most effective method to restore our systems and management functions was to pay the ransom and to get the key,”said hospital administrator of all Sanford to the online magazine Telepolis. “In the best interest to restore normal operation, we did this.”

Hackers take German hospitals in the visor

Are we safe in Germany before this cybercrime? No. In this country hackers have taken hospitals in the visor. On February 12, the North Rhine-Westphalian clinic Arnsberg was the victim of an attack. The professionals had to shut down 200 server for two days to prevent the spread of Trojan, who himself had slipped through an email attachment in the system.

In attacked hospital doctors and nurses during the digital emergency run with pen and paper, to exchange data and laboratory values. Except for emergencies, the hospital could take any new patients. According to media reports, hospitals in Essen, Mönchengladbach, Cleves and Cologne like IT pests were affected.

Data manipulation: Hackers can make a sick healthy person healthy

Data encryption is it not the worst thing that can happen to a hospital. It would be much worse, if hackers change data, for example, from a healthy make a sick person or the prescribed medication dose change. That is no problem, as Kaspersky Lab expert Sergey Lozhkin demonstrated for professionals with criminal energy in most cases. The security expert has hacked a hospital in the United States under test conditions. He could easily manipulate data and crack even the tomographic scanner, or make it inoperative.