Historic Falcon 9 rocket succeeds take-off landing procedure

The privately holden SpaceX has yesterday posted on space history page: for the first time succeeded, after a detour into space back piece and upright the seat back to conduct a carrier rocket. Recycling the expensive means of transport is to drastically reduce the cost of space.

One small step for Elon Musk, one giant leap for mankind. You might think that in the face of the historical moment, the last night on space station Cape Canaveral has happened: for the first time in the history of space travel a carrier rocket has landed safely after flight into space on and seat.

Elon Musk is in addition to his commitment to the electrification of the traffic through his company Tesla Motors also boss of the U.S. aerospace company SpaceX, who yesterday succeeded in this coup. “Welcome back” he tweeted after the successful landing maneuver.

Historic Falcon 9 rocket succeeds take-off landing procedure
Historic Falcon 9 rocket succeeds take-off landing procedure

Eleven communications satellites exposed and delivered.

Even the great American space agency NASA had not splash out and tweeted with exclamation points: “Congratulations to SpaceX for the vertical landing of the first level!” The Falcon 9 launch vehicle without any problems from Cape Canaveral was started at 20:29 local time.

A few minutes after launching the first rocket stage had separated himself. She reached an altitude of about 200 km and sat out 11 communications satellite the size of a refrigerator.

Live broadcast on the Internet

The Falcon 9 launch vehicle flew on a little bit and then initiated a turn maneuver: she described the path of a ball-point pen, rotates 180 degrees in the air. On this trajectory, the Falcon 9 rocket flew back to Florida, where she ended up 11 minutes after takeoff in an upright position. The entire maneuver was broadcast live on the Internet by SpaceX. This speaks of courage and self-confidence. Should because half a year ago a Falcon missile transporter “Dragon” with supplies for the international space station ISS in space bring.

In June the Falcon has exploded. This time all went well.

It went wrong cracking, the rocket exploded. The now-successful launch of an improved version of the missile was extremely important for SpaceX.

Historic Falcon 9 rocket succeeds take-off landing procedure
Historic Falcon 9 rocket succeeds take-off landing procedure

SpaceX has several times trying to resurrect, last on floating platforms in the sea land a rocket after launch. The success has been modest. Although the rockets found their way to the platform they laid out break landings but in both trials. “The impact was too hard,” said the owner of SpaceX, Elon Musk after the second crash of a Falcon 9 rocket.

Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars

The goal behind the tests is a reduction of the high cost of space missions: A single Launcher costs as much as a medium-sized passenger aircraft. With the last successful and safe landing of such a rocket SpaceX has come a giant step closer to in order to use these expensive transport vehicles, again. So far the missile parts can be separated and burn up in the atmosphere, or plunge into the sea.

Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars one day. And in his vision, the rockets in the future simply commute between Earth and space out and