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Hillside Landscaping – Awesome Design Ideas

Some of the most beautiful homes on earth are set atop a hillside, but what the average person may not know is that a lot of work went into the planning and design that made the grounds what you see today.

It is not always easy, in fact it is rarely easy, to landscape a hillside property, but there are some tips and tricks you can learn from leading landscape engineers when planning a new home on a hillside property you fell in love with.

You will surely want to contact a builder to at least help you with the site work before you start the actual labor, and a landscaper would be a good idea, but in the beginning, when planning your home, here are some landscaping ideas you might want to use.

Working with the Natural Slope

If your property is on a gently rolling slope, plan your landscaping to work naturally with the incline.

Some landscapers work rock stairways into the slope with miniature plants lining the path up to your home.

If your property is densely populated with trees, moss and ferns will work well to embellish stairways and paths up the incline.


Whether you use stairs or stepping stones on the natural incline, add to the allure with miniature plants, shrubs and moss lining your way up the slope.

Landscaping Steep Hills Can Test Your Skills – and Patience!

When your new home is to be seated atop a steep hill, it is not easy to accomplish but it can be done.

However, there is one thing to be aware of and that would be rock and mudslides that occur after heavy rains and snow.

Here is where you’d want to look into a variety of retaining walls designed to keep the soil behind them from sliding down the hill.

Just because you hear the term ‘retaining wall,’ don’t imagine those highly utilitarian concrete walls you see lining the highways. Some are actually quite lovely and can be nicely worked into your landscaping scheme.

Addition of Garden Elements along the Path

Many landscapers make use of garden elements along a path up a hillside, especially if it will be traveled with any frequency.

Garden statues, bird baths, solar path lights and other artistic embellishments add layers of texture and balance color, giving the slope up to your home an artistic appeal that literally WOWs the senses.

So, you see, it can be done. It’s a bit of extra work, especially on the design and planning end, but the end results are going to give your property an appeal that is truly unique.

Why would you want to clear away tall trees for a clear view to your home when nature put them there for a reason? Those trees, in addition to your retaining walls, keep soil in place when rain is heavy.

It is especially important to plan safety elements into your landscaping and once you’ve drawn up a plan, don’t be afraid to contact landscaping contractors to help you plan and create your hillside dream home.

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