The Highest Tower in the World with restaurant on 1609m

Carlo Ratti want to build tallest observation tower in the world. This will at the same time, the tallest building on Earth.

The Tower of the aptly named The Mile will be able to boast of 1609 m, which is exactly one mile high. Currently the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa-is close to half of the lower (830 m), and Jeddah Tower, which will be completed in 2018 “only” to a height of 1008 m. Where The Welcome rise in the near future, it will be another record in terms of height.

Highest Tower in the World with restaurant 1609m above groundCreator of The Mile is an Italian architect Carlo Ratti, which provides that, “despite the fact that the project is only in the first phase of implementation, it has a chance to be completed”. The building developed in collaboration with the German firm Schlaich Bergermann und Partner and British studio Atmos will have vertical park and publicly accessible observation deck. Visitors to The Mile will rise to the top on carved capsules “At the top of the sky will be the walkway and an exclusive restaurant.

Visitors to The Mile will be able to enter the digital interaction with surrounding views of the building and “feel the panorama in many different ways.” The developers expect that the tower is entirely covered with plants that provide shelter for many animals.

The client, for which it was developed The project, as long as she wants to remain anonymous. All details of the construction, the potential for location and the cost of the Ascension of the structure remain unknown.