High-tech roof tiles replacing solar modules

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to revolutionize the roof tiles: when it comes to him, the shingles of the future consist of solar cells, produced by the Group’s own company of SolarCity. Efficiency is not everything: the photovoltaic roofs should be so aesthetic, that pale all neighbors envy.

So far it runs mostly so: freshly covered with carefully selected shingles, the roof is, everything looks pretty and tidy and then comes the shapely little solar system about it. Not with Tesla CEO Elon Musk: his own solar power system manufacturer SolarCity wants to offer roof tiles in the future, working as modules.

Elon Musk itself it was who blurted out with this information during a press conference on the quarterly figures of SolarCity. While Lyndon Rive, CEO of SolarCity and quite incidentally also Musks cousin, spoke vaguely of two products that should come in the next few months on the market, dropped him in the word Elon Musk and refined the plans.

Photovoltaic is integrated directly into the roof

It involves versions of roof tiles, which are incorporated in the sense of building integrated photovoltaics directly into the roof. “It is no longer the thing on the roof, it’s the roof,” he brought to the point. The company would put not only on efficiency, but also on aesthetics: the finished roof should look so great, that the buyer could no longer expect to show their neighbors, he was delighted.

High-tech roof solar modules

One of the products will integrate probably into existing roofs, while the others replaced the entire roof, suspects the US blog Electrek, which deals with the conversion of fossil fuels and to electricity. The market for products like this is big, Lyndon Rive added: every year 5 million roofs would be covered up in the United States alone for the first time or new and they wished to address exactly these builders.

Battery solutions as a complement to the solar roof

The product could be supplemented by batteries as the power wall, which also comes from the musk Empire. Last but not least the entrepreneurs in this way have to good opportunities, successful Spanish company of CUPA Pizarras, Dow Chemical and the German company of Braas will be than their predecessors such as the chemical company. They had offered in the past few years also have solar shingles, but failed for different reasons.

To the efficiency of the new tile, nor to other technical specifications is so far anything known, but to the schedule: 2016 year the roof tiles should be, presented at the time of the merger of Tesla and SolarCity probably. Musk already owned 22 percent of the solar equipment manufacturer, whose founding in 2006 was based on his idea. He wants to buy the rest in the coming months, there is talk of a price of 2.5 to 3 billion dollars (2.25 to €2.7 billion). If everything goes smoothly and the antitrust authorities agree, the acquisition should take place later this year.

Production commencing in 2017 in the SolarCity factory in Buffalo

The roof tiles should be produced expected to SolarCity currently under construction factory in Buffalo. The solar cells with an efficiency of 24 percent, produced from 2017 there should cumulative performance one gigawatt.