un Heals Skin Burns Making The Skin Heals And Restores Faster

Gun heals skin burns making the skin heals and restores faster

The SkinGun brings stem cells effectively on burns, making the skin heals and restores faster. Time is a critical factor for the treatment of burns. As soon as a patient with severe burns on the first aid is brought in action must be taken. Skin grafts can take hours, followed by a long and painful recovery period.

Stem cells can help the patient to heal and restore skin’s own, provided that they are made carefully. That may soon be many times more effective with the SkinGun of the American company RenovaCare.

Spray is applied to accelerate healing

Stem cells for treating burns are extracted from a small amount of skin that came with the patient. The isolated stem cells are dissolved in a liquid that on the burn. Conventional spray methods with a pump are too powerful and make many of the fragile stem cells.

RenovaCare developed its own method for stem cells to isolate and solve. The SkinGun spray this liquid with a soft air current that 97.3% of the stem cells intact. This gives the SkinGun one to two hundred times more effective dissemination than conventional methods.

Shorter recovery period due to initial recovery time

According to the first investigations can a patient, after he was introduced at the first aid, all within 90 minutes will be treated with the SkinGun. New skin begins to form after only four days. That makes the treatment is effective, with a shorter recovery period than with a skin graft. SkinGun is still in the testing phase and is not yet approved for medical use.