An egg as a private workstation in public space (GreenPod Project)

Is that the work we have been waiting for, or just an image campaign? The company Neste introduces an ovoid capsule, all set up and can be as high-tech Office for occasionally used. 

The Finnish company Neste is an oil company, the so-called “green Neste diesel”, produced, sold the from Palm oil. That’s doing it, campaigns as Neste, sustainably produced fuel, some environmental organizations do something different and have the name “green diesel” criticized as misleading. Against this background, it is obvious the recently launched project Neste named “pre-order the future” also as a PR campaign for the polishing of the own image to understand.

Personal data can be retrieved for face recognition, GreenPod Project

What is it about? During the campaign, in which you “can order its future”, presented five product ideas, which can be voted Neste. The idea with the most supporters will be selected in the autumn of this year and should be made by spring 2017 as a prototype.

One of these ideas is a high-tech workplace, which can be used as personal Office. Access and site are but not in the private sector, but in public places, for example in a large park.

Interior walls as all-round touchscreens

Upon entering the small capsule, it is identified by a sophisticated face detection and can connect now through a haptic feedback system with the Internet and the world. This is done through the interior walls of the capsule, which are nothing but completely touch screen, where you can watch videos or choose different backgrounds.

Indoor climate adapts to weather

In the capsule, it is safe from unwanted outside noise and can access its own files alone and edit, or surf the Web. At the same time, all electronic devices are loaded during your stay.

About the temperature in the GreenPod Project Interior you must to worry anyway, because the inner climate adapts to all weather changes.

You can already pre-order the little eco residential egg Ecocapsule

As far as the idea… Details of what “sustainable materials” of GreenPod are built can be, how it looks with the terms, costs and the management. In addition to the GreenPod are other project ideas from the fields of mobility, learning, entertainment, and travel to the selection. The concept of the winner will be announced in September.

There, the company  with a similar project already is several steps further. The company has built an eco-living-egg, that as autonomous can be placed outdoors or anywhere else.

The two people can make it for example holiday, are independent of public electricity and water supply by rainwater, wind power and solar panels.

On the few well insulated square meters, there are also mini bathroom, sleeping area, kitchen and storage room. Now, you can make a real pre-order from the manufacturer Ecocapsule. The first 50 copies will be on sell for €79,000 the piece.