The Government wants to read WhatsApp & co.

Is safe to communicate via WhatsApp? 60 experts will crack encrypted communications on behalf of the Federal Government. But not oaths of love are in the focus of investigators. 

Terrorists talks are no longer encrypted. Along with them billions of people and companies worldwide.

Already three-quarters of the communications of terror suspects runs on encrypted channels, said Europol Director Rob Wainwright from German “Sunday” paper. Together with WDR and NDR, they found that the Federal Government wants to build a force that can read despite encryption of communications by criminals.

That was already the target of the Federal Trojan, the BKA uses to read the communications of terrorists and criminals on the Internet. But you Dodge just to close services.

Increasing encryption and measure engineering services

The reason for the construction of the unit is the increasing encryption of communication on the Internet. Corresponding encodings offer now not only special developers such as signal, but also mass supplier of measuring narrow services like WhatsApp. The Facebook business over a billion customers announced only a few months ago, that they can communicate now encrypted.

WhatsApp uses the so-called end-to-end-encryption, where the message at the sender is encrypted and only decrypts the selected receiver with a newly generated for every message. Consumer advocates are pleased about as much security, investigator bite on granite. And because mobile phone manufacturers and network providers increasingly refuse to help authorities at cracking must be active now.

State hackers force legally on narrow ridge

The idea to set up an own “key service” to the Federal Government was known already in the last year. But now the plans are concrete: the State hackers force should initially have 60 employees, and will grow to 400 in next few years.