GoPro Crazy Prices for Omni VR

Two weeks ago the leader of the x-series sales sport tools and equipment  announced for widescreen videos led camera spherical. So far we did not know, however, how much is this miracle will cost.

GoPro Omni consists of six x-GoPro Hero4. If we had purchased separately these devices, we will pay about 3 thousand dollars. We thought, therefore, that the final price will be the Omni had at this altitude. Unfortunately that is not true! GoPro has just announced that for Omni VR we will pay as much as 5 thousand dollars. Dear Developers. Many amateurs will not like this price and apps surrounding this device are nothing from the PRO shell.

But it must be noted that in addition to cameras, we also get an software called “COLOR”, helpful in making movies, VR, SD Card Reader, 32 GB memory card for each of the cameras and remote trigger. Advance device has move sales for April 19. We will watch this carefully. At this moment there is a real need for VR camera, but those kind of prices are not pushing market demands on expected level.