Google’s Inbox will automatically answer our mails

How beautiful is that? Text modules in private messages? Reply letter, which read like of a writing machine? Just as Google envisions the future of private communication. Google’s mailer Inbox will be answer incoming mail. On push of a button.

Incitement to people who are always online, know this: Peter proposes a beer in the evening the engineering network invites you to the CAD workshop, the boss sets a meeting, the children send greetings and the woman sends the shopping list. And everyone wants commitments, cancellations, TLC – or at least a quick yes, no, fast acceptance, rejection. How nice would it if our mail program could take that?

Google is currently equipping its Mailer Inbox with new features. Very useful:, The program automatically suggests responses for incoming mail.
Google is currently equipping its Mailer Inbox with new features. Very useful:, The program automatically suggests responses for incoming mail.

“We do”, Google has imagined and introduces new features in his mail client Inbox. The most important is smart reply. You analyze each incoming mail with its intelligent algorithms and provides the user with three short, pre-defined answers. One more or less coincides with what the users wanted to write anyway, he must just tap this opportunity and send the mail.

For complex content Inbox writes only an introduction

In his blog “googleresearch” shows the company from California in a few examples, what the whole thing looks like. The program provides the answer possibilities an invitation mail “Is planning an us!”, “We will be there” and “Sorry, unfortunately we will not be able” available (in English). Provides the following answer options on a request from a man to his colleagues, whether this perhaps got an instructions for a new computer program, “Inbox”: “I don’t, sorry”, “I’ll look” and “I’m going to send it to friends”.

Actually, the prescribed options in some cases could probably completely enough and give the user a few seconds. But most Office people

google-inbox apps
To be able to respond more quickly to the flood of incoming emails, Inbox proposes in the future different short answers. You must only click and give.

Also know that many of the daily mail from the superiors and colleagues many times with not easy and clear answers. The content is simply too complex.

Of course knows Google. In such cases, the program submitted three different text discharges, which the user can complete. Whether it fits?

Automatic replies for now only in English

The function smart reply for Google’s Inbox should now be in English available. When wants to be so for German and French mail, is not yet known.

At Google’s app Inbox is a so-called client program which can show the entire mailbox of a GMail account for example on Smartphones and tablets. Inbox is available for the Android and iOS mobile operating system. But there is a desktop version for stationary machines.

The smart program should give for everyone since this spring, on their own order in the digital Inbox, inter alia by automatic grouping of mail into themes such as “Advertising” or “Purchases”, but so a reminder of still not read mails.