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So, Google wants to roll the car industry with vans!

No breathing in the car industry: Google is intensively researching autonomous driving, but wants to incorporate technology into existing standard cars.

Now Fiat Chrysler has delivered 100 Chrysler Pacifica hybrid vans to Google subsidiary Waymo. 2017  the cars are to roll through the United States .

It’s been just a week since Google has stopped the development of their own cars. For years drove the small balls of smooching that rather looked like toy cars in the beetle look as a full-blown car on American roads. Google tested the technology of autonomous driving, and it was p quite successful. For serious accidents like Tesla Google had not to complain

Costs for own car construction is too big

However Google is making the effort to build a car of its own, the real domain of the Auto now become too big.

With his new subsidiary Waymo, the Group wants to focus entirely on the technology of autonomous driving, which Waymo  will then fil into standards the manufacturer´s vehicles.

In the first step, the Italian American car manufacturer Fiat has now delivered 100 Pacifica hibrid vans at Waymo. Since may, the cars have been accommodated in a joint research center in Michigan in the United States and equipped with Google’s sensor technology, computers and software.

Fiat Chrysler has adapted the Vans for the google technology. This applies in particular for the Powertrain, chassis and the electronics.

The modified vans will be tested next year on the roads of the United States.

Google sees the future in ride-sharing

It is no coincidence that Google now puts on a van two-seater with five and seven seats. Both Google, as well as the car manufacturers sees in the future that passengers will be looking for a ride lift via app, and an autonomous driving car collect its passengers and reaches its target. Ride sharing means the new German.

With this great new minivan we are learning how to drive our self- propelled technology in our test markets,  as people of all ages, shape and group size experience sizes “Waymo CEO John Krafcik wrote in a blog. The cooperation with Google is a must for Fiat-Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne. “Because the transport of the consumer must be further developed, strategic partnerships like this are essential for the promotion of a culture of innovation, safety and technology”says Marchionne.

Without experience, Google is not with larger cars. In addition to the small Google bugs, Google has equipped Lexus models with its own technique and intensively tested the cars.

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