Google OS Funchia is ready for users

The idea, which was driven by Microsoft when you create Windows 10 was versatility. It was supposed to be in the same form on Smartphones, tablets and computers. This idea seemed to be “a hit”, however as it turns its performance exceeded the capabilities of the giant from Redmond, especially on the issue of mobile devices. In the defeat of his chance to Google, which according to many reports is currently working on its universal system called Fuchsia.

Currently Google is developing two systems: Mobile Android and Chrome OS computer. The first is undoubtedly a huge success and dominates among mobile devices, and the other, though not as popular, also gaining a growing group of supporters. Both are based on the Linux kernel. The company is so huge, and the smoke goes-very high chance of success.

Solid base Linux system is rewritten from the beginning

Google creates Fuchsia from scratch. The system was based on a completely new kernel called Magneta and use innovative solution LittleKernel. The platform has to be adapted to work on literally every device, from simple watches after the most powerful computers. When can we expect a release? Probably not soon, but already the same announcement can mess with a lot on the market, for example, the price of Microsoft to speed up work on your projects, especially in the mobile industry.