Google Lunar XPrize Race to the Moon

Now it has started, the race to the Moon: the American space company Moon Express has now also the start Treaty to participate in the Google Lunar XPrize received. Thus, Moon express competes with the Israeli company Space IL, which is officially in the race for three months.All about the detection of movement of 500 m in the horizontal. But before that we need to cope with 384.400 km in the vertical. This is the average distance of the Moon from the Earth.

Google Lunar XPrize Race to the Moon
Moon Express has a start agreement with the also-American company rocket lab completed. The three-stage carrier rocket electron transports.

Because the rules and regulations of the Google Lunar XPrize require that a private company before the deadline placed a robot on the Moon’s surface on 31 December 2017, which explores at least 500 meters and sending videos and pictures in HD quality from the Earth to the moon. The first team that handles this task, receives the 20 million $ first prize, the second team gets 5 million $.

Maximum allowed 10% subsidies

To get this prize, the participating teams must prove that 90% of their mission costs were financed by private sources. The remaining 10% must come from Government sources. A week ago, on 9 December 2015, the privately-funded aerospace company has Moon express the notarization of the Google Lunar XPrize receive. Moon Express want a rocket lab electron rocket in connection with his “MX-1E” Mikrolander as part of the 2017 use mission.

“Develop lunar resources for the benefit of mankind”

“Our long-term goal is to develop the lunar resources for the benefit of mankind and we are thrilled that a contract with rocket to have get lab that allows us to offer low-cost lunar missions for scientific and commercial purposes”, said Bob Richards, co-founder and Director of moon Express.

Google Lunar XPrize Race to the Moon 2
Three months ago, the Israeli company Space IL was admitted to the competition. Photo: Space IL

The aerospace company rocket lab United States from Los Angeles was founded in 2007. Rocket lab has developed the electron’s three-stage carrier rocket with the satellite can conveniently fly into space. A crowding is to less than 5 million $ cost.


Treaty three lunar missions

This is also the construction of the electron. Because the missile and tank are made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic and weigh only about 10 t. This saves an enormous amount of fuel, which reduces the shipping cost. The contract between Moon express and rocket lab includes three lunar missions, which will start from New Zealand or the United States.

Team Space IL from Israel since three months

“We are very proud to officially confirm the input and the certification of the Moon Express start Treaty,” said Bob White, Vice Chairman and President of XPrize. Because now actually such a thing as a competition prize money begins.

Three months ago, the Israeli company Space IL was admitted to the competition. Photo: Space IL
Three months ago, the Israeli company Space IL was admitted to the competition. Photo: Space IL

On October 7, 2015, the team Space IL from Israel has received access to the XPrize race first. Space IL plans to be to transport land vehicle as a secondary payload of a Falcon 9 rocket of the US aerospace firm SpaceX.

31 December 2017 deadline

The launch of this mission is planned for the second half of the year 2017, until December 31, 2017, she must be successfully completed. Then, there is no prize money. There are 14 other teams in the race for the XPrize, including also the part-time scientists, an Association of 35 engineers from Germany and Austria in addition to Space IL from Moon express of the United States and Israel. For this team it’s 31 December 2016 first once about up to get certified launch contracts for their moon missions.